Yokkao 19 & 20: Quick round-up and results

Fabio Pinca defeated Liam Harrison via unanimous decision (UD) in the main event  of   Yokkao 19 at the Bolton Macron Stadium, England. In what was a fight in the making for 11 years, these two Muay Thai maestros delivered an exciting and intense fight that electrified the spectators but Pinca’s Jedi like instincts and more effective kicking, kept him that slight step ahead of Harrison’s threatening speed as the fight went the distance.

Jordan Watson got the better of Ben Hodge in the headlining fight Of Yokkao 20 via UD. Both fighters managed to even throw each other out of the ring at two different points of the fight; first Watson threw Hodge over the top rope but the disgruntled Hodge would return the favour (through the middle of the ropes) later on. However, Watson was more in control of the fight, applied more pressure throughout and demonstrated some lovely body hooks too. By no means was this a one sided affair but Watson was able to apply his game plan more than Hodge over the five rounds.

Overall, the night produced very competitive and entertaining fights on both fight cards in what will be one of the most memorable nights in the UK for Muay Thai this year.

This is just a quick round up with the final results (below) from both Yokkao 19 & 20 and a more in-depth, post event review, plus,  post fight interviews, will follow separately from tomorrow onwards.

Yokkao 20 – Final results:

Manachai def. Panicos Yusuf via UD, -63kg

Jake Purdy def. Brad Stanton via MD, fight set at 69kg

Amy Pirnie def. Ludivine Lesnier via TKO, Rd2, -50kg

Jack Kennedy def Nathan Bendon via UD, -65kg

Myk Estlick def. Carlos Campos via UD, -61.5kg

Yokkao 19 – Final results:

Fabio Pinca def. Liam Harrison via UD

Chris Shaw def. Jersey Pinto via UD, fight set at 73kg

Charles Sikwa def, Darren Howieson by UD, -86kg

Adi Woods def. Owen Trykowski via UD, -72.5kg

Steven Long def. Daniel Jedrzejewski by KO, Rd4, -69kg


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