Muay Ties: Palangphon vs Rungnarai – Rajadamnern – May 2015

Timo Ruge of Muay Ties is a great friend of The Striking Corner.  For the past few years Timo has spent countless hours filming and sharing the top fights in Thailand from Muay Thai’s biggest stadiums, such as Rajadamnern and Lumpinee.  We are going to begin sharing many of the best fights from Thailand that Timo recommends to us in an effort to connect people with the incredible Muay Thai scene in Thailand. So with that said, Timo sent us this recent fight from Rajadamnern Stadium which took place on May 13th between Palangphon Petchyindeeacademy and Rungnarai Kiatmoo9.  

This fight was beautiful to watch as both fighters exchanged heavy kicks throughout the fight.  Check it out!

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Relive the Lion Fight 9 fight between Simon Marcus vs. Artem Levin

The fight between Artem Levin and Simon Marcus for the Glory middleweight world title goes down tomorrow Friday, May 8th in San Diego, California. These two juggernauts of the Muay Thai and Kickboxing world already faced off in the ring before with Marcus coming away the winner. But as many have pointed out, Simon’s best work in their previous fight was done inside the Thai clinch. However, at Glory 21 on May 8th, Simon Marcus’ ability to clinch with Levin will be severely limited by Glory’s kickboxing rules. Take a look at their first fight at Lion Fight 9 in 2013. Do you think Marcus’ inability to clinch in this fight will be a hindrance? Who will emerge the victor on May 8th?