Warriors Cup XII

Liam Harrison talks about his U.S. debut against Justin Greskiewicz on July 23rd

Don’t let the title of this post fool you. This may be Liam Harrison’s first time fighting in the United States, but the hard punching English “Hitman” is no stranger to the ring. With 77 fights and a total of 65 wins, Harrison has loads of experience under his belt. Liam was kind enough to take time out of his training to talk to us about his upcoming bout with Justin Greskiewicz for the WBC Welterweight Title at Warriors Cup XII in New Jersey.

MTL: First off Liam, thank you for taking some time out of your busy training schedule to answer a a few questions for us at Muay Thai is Life. For those poor souls that don’t know who you are, tell our readers who you are, where you train, and some of your recent accomplishments in the sport.

Liam: My name is Liam Harrison, I’m from the Bad Company Gym in Leeds, England. I’m 4x world champion and have a record of 77 fights 65 wins 37 KOs and have mixed it up with some of the best fighters around Europe and Thailand including Saenchai, Anuwat, Saggetdao, Namphon PK Stereo, and many more.

MTL: You have never fought in the U.S. before, are you excited about the opportunity of fighting stateside on July 23rd in New Jersey?

Liam: Yes, I’m really looking forward to visiting the States. I can’t wait!

MTL: The WBC in Bangkok recently raised the stakes of your fight by making this fight for the WBC International Welterweight Title. How does that affect you in the lead up to the fight? Does your training change at all? How about mentally, does hearing that this fight is for a title, motivate you even further?

Liam: Not really. I’m always motivated for fights, the motivation is to win for me. The belt will be nice on my mantle piece but I have never lost to a non-Thai fighter before so that’s all the motivation I need right there.

MTL: Your opponent for your U.S. Muay Thai debut is Philadelphia’s Justin Greskiewicz, have you ever seen any of Justin’s fights, and if so what problems do you think you will run into when facing him?

Liam: There’s quite a lot of videos on Youtube, but I’ve not watched them, just glanced to see if he was southpaw or orthodox. I don’t really watch any videos as nobody fights the same fight twice. I’ve heard Justin is a very game and tough guy, so I’m sure it will be a great fight.

MTL: The Muay Thai scene in the U.S. is really starting to pick up steam, an example of it’s growth being your participation at this upcoming event. What is your opinion about the U.S. Muay Thai scene and it’s current fighters? Any American nakmuays that you have seen that have really impressed you?

Liam: Of course there is Justin, also my good friend Mark Deluca is a real tough guy with a nice traditional Thai style, then also fighters like Kevin Ross have made big names for themselves too over the last few years.

MTL: Moving away from your upcoming fight for a second, as you know American nakmuay Kevin Ross is set to face off with Saenchai whom you have fought on two occasions. What advice, if any, do you have for Kevin. What is your opinion about the fight?

Liam: It’s hard to advise someone about how to beat Saenchai, unless you are without a doubt one of the few best pound for pound fighters on this planet you’re not going to even get close, personally I don’t think anyone outside of Thailand can beat him at the minute.

MTL: So we American’s always love to ask fighters what there predictions are for their own fight, as if they would predict anything other than a win. But to follow that cliche line of questioning, what is your prediction for your fight with Justin?

Liam:Nothing other than a win for myself will happen on July 23rd.

MTL:Thank you Liam very much once again for taking the time out to speak with us. Before we go are there any sponsors, trainers, and/or training partners that you would like to thank for helping you prepare for this fight?

Liam:Yes, I would like to thank my sponsors Yokkao & all the fighters and guys at Bad Company and of course my trainer Richard Smith and Dan Green for organizing the fight for me.