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Lion Fight 28 – RESULTS + PHOTOS

Lion Fight promotions continued their track record of putting on some truly enjoyable and exciting Muay Thai shows with Lion Fight 28 at the Foxwoods Hotel & Casino in Mashantucket, Connecticut this past Friday, February 26th. The main card that aired on AXS TV featured a total of 6 fights. Out of the 6 fights, 5 fights ended up with a KO or TKO and every fight did not disappoint in the excitement factor. If the only complaint from fans about the Lion Fight 27 card in January was that every fight ended in a decision, Lion Fight 28 surely made it up to them.

In the co-main event, the light weight title switched hands as Sergio Wielzen stopped Ognjen Topic in Rd. 3 with a brutal flying knee that opened up a huge gash over Topic’s left eye. The doctor as called in to assess the damage and decided to call the fight thus declaring Sergio Wielzen the new Lion Fight Lightweight World Champion by TKO.

In the main event “Smokin'” Jo Nattawut faced Cedric Manhoef (the nephew of Kickboxing and MMA veteran Melvin Manhoef) who stepped in as a replacement for Kem Sitsongpeenong. Jo Nattawut pretty much did what Jo Nattawut does and put on a Muay Thai clinic complete with hard body kicks and effective teeps that gave Manhoef little opportunity for mounting any sort of offense.

Our very own official TSC photographer Victor Alvarez was on hand to cover all the action so check out his awesome pictures belows as well as the full results from the evenings action.

Jo Nattawut def. Cedric Manhoef by Unanimous Decision
Sergio Wielzen def. Ognjen Topic by TKO (doctor’s stoppage) in Rd. 3
Ky Hollenbeck def Justin Greskiewicz by TKO (elbows) in Rd. 2
Chris Mauceri def. Nick Chasteen by KO (elbows) in Rd. 1
Bryce Lawrence def. Yeison Berdugo by KO (strikes) in Rd. 1
Asa Tenpow def. Turan Hasanov by TKO (doctor’s stoppage) in Rd. 3

Stergos Mikkios def. Niko Qirjazo by Unanimous Decision
Mike Triana def. Kyle Benner by Unanimous Decision
Maria Kritikos def. Brandy Young by Unanimous Decision
Julian Nguyen def. Jimmy McDonald by Unanimous Decision
Doug Holland def. Greg Muldrow by Unanimous Decision
Andrew Murray def. John Nelson by Unanimous Decision