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Episode 71 – Triumph Kombat 4, Fan Questions, and Ancestry DNA

In this episode of The Striking Corner, Eric and Vinny are together once again IN THE SAME STUDIO as Eric traveled to NYC this past weekend to provide ringside commentary for the Triumph Kombat 4 event which was held at the iconic Madison Square Garden.

The guys discuss the event and Vinny’s student Abel Cardenas’ fight, they also answer fan questions about how to grow Muay Thai in America without going the WWE route, gym hopping, “not leaving it to the judges” (uggh), and Eric receives his results from Ancestry DNA.

Enjoy! And if you have any topic ideas or questions you would like us to answer during a podcast, drop us a line at info@strikingcorner.com or on our Instagram accounts: @strikingcorner, @ericrivera_tsc, and @vinnyscotto