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The Tankō Main Event – Pinca vs. McAllister set for May 14th, 2016

Tanko Main EventThe Tankō Main Event is one of Europe’s biggest promotions and currently the longest running in the UK. Established in 2009, The Main Event brand has hosted some of the top fights in the UK, including Liam Harrison vs Andrei Kulebin, Liam Harrison vs Dylan Salvador, Andy thrasher vs Tim Thomas, and many more! In May of last year The Main Event promoted the show at The Barclaycard Arena in Birmingham where several thousand were in attendance and the IKF World Championship was decided.

On May 14th 2016 The Tankō Main Event will return to the USN Bolton Arena with a stellar lineup!

So far only first two bouts have been announced but they are two bouts that will no doubt interest every Muay Thai fan!

The most successful welterweight in Europe, 2x World champion Fabio Pinca, conqueror of some of the World’s biggest names including Saenchai, Mosab Amrani and Mehdi Zatout, will take on the UK’s rising star in Reece Mcallister, who has recently destroyed everyone in his path, including knockout wins over Tim Thomas and Crice Boussoukou.


On the heels of this bout will be a super-lightweight contest between 2x World champion and master technician, Panicos Yusuf, and one of this generations most decorated stars, 2-weight Lumpini stadium champion Kongsak Sitboonme. Panicos has beaten the best in Europe, defeating the likes of Irishman Stephen Meleady, Dutch star Sergio Wielzen, Italy’s Calogero Palmieri and Portugal’s Ruben Almeida, but faces his toughest challenge to date in Kongsak. Kongsak is one of the most successful Thais of recent times and has beaten multiple stars of the sport in his career, boasting wins over Nong-O and Petchboonchu, among others.
0567e682-b64a-450f-8601-bb96e5966370Further fights for The Tanko Main Event are due to be announced soon! So stay tuned here on The Striking Corner as they are announced.

For tickets and information go to Ordering Valium, or find them on Valium Rx Online and Twitter @MainEventMT!