Siam No. 1

The Brutal Ballet feat. Simon Marcus

So I get this e-mail yesterday by this guy named Jonny Pottins and he tells me he just made a short documentary video about Muay Thai feat. Simon Marcus and sends me the link. Now, I’m a huge Simon Marcus fan (who isn’t really, the man looks like he was carved from stone and is one of the best Muay Thai fighters on the planet, some would even argue he is the true GLORY Middleweight Champion, but that’s a discussion for another time).

Anyway, once I finished watching this video, I wrote back to Jonny Pottins and told him we would definitely share the video because needless to say it is an absolute work of art. Simple, beautifully shot, and to the point, Simon Marcus perfectly describes in his own words what we at The Striking Corner also love about Muay Thai. The beauty of it’s destructive simplicity. The ballet of two highly skilled opponents going toe to toe in what is truly a deadly and brutal ballet that often ends with one man (or woman) standing and their opponent on unconscious on the canvas. But in the ballet of Muay Thai, neither the victor or the fallen walk away unscathed. The defeated opponent obviously walks bruised and beaten both emotionally and physically but the victor also walks away bruised and battered but with a smile from ear to ear. The feeling of victory no doubt more powerful than the sting of his or her injuries.

This video perfectly describes Muay Thai and everything I love about it. Simon Marcus truly loves Muay Thai the same way I do. The same way all of us at The Striking Corner do. This video is a must watch and I will continue to watch it on repeat for years to come.

Shout out to the director of the video Jonny Pottins and his team which I have listed below because they also deserve to be recognized.

GRIP: Chris Leung
GAFFER: Koadie Preston
EDITORS: Peter Strauss, Matthew Nayman
COLOUR: Alter Ego
AUDIO MIX/EDIT: Toronto Sound

SPECIAL THANKS to Simon Marcus, Ajahn Suchart, Siam No.1

MTiL Presents “King of Siam No. 1” – Part One

So here it is, as promised, Part 1 of MTiL’s exclusive interview with Siam No. 1’s Ajahn Suchart Yodkerepauprai. Largely considered one of the most influential men in the Canadian Muay Thai scene, Ajahn Suchart is the head of the world renowned Siam No. 1 gym that is currently home to a multitude of champions including Simon Marcus and Matt Embree. Our very own Jenypher Lanthier (a student of Ajahn Suchart herself) speaks one on one with Ajahn Suchart regarding Muay Thai in Canada and worldwide, as well as the culture of the sport, tradition, and much more!

This interview is part of Jenypher’s Meet the Canadians series exclusively dedicated to covering the Muay Thai scene in Canada. Her interview with Ajahn was about an hour long and thus we have decided to bring it to you in 3 parts which can only be found here on Muay Thai is Life, on our official Facebook page, and of course on our official Youtube Channel. Check it out! Part 1 is below and make sure you stay tuned for part 2, coming soon!