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Valium Online Overnight Delivery - Buy Thai Valium Online

Lion Fight 34: Eersel vs. Sana – Preview and Fight Card

Lion Fight 34 is headlined by Dutch powerhouse, Regian Eersel against French Thai boxer, Samy Sana in an Ordering Valium dust-up that has all the makings of a brutally violent affair on January 3, 2017 at the Tropicana Resort Casino in Las Vegas.

Eersel is the current Lion Fight super-middleweight champion having devastatingly KO’d Jake Purdy for the title at Lion Fight 33. Prior to that the “The Immortal” had emphatically executed one of the best right head kick KOs of 2016 to finish Jo Nattawut at Lion Fight 29.

However, Sana is no pushover and isn’t shy of a fire fight in the ring either, having been in with the best of them including, Valium Rx Online and Buy Ardin Diazepam. Neither the Frenchman nor the defending Dutch champion hold back with their aggressive styles of fighting and both have the natural power to rock anyone.

The ferocity of Eersel though is something else compared to the competition and he has always displayed explosive speed to take advantage of his adversaries with venomous violence and thunderous knockouts from any of his eight limbs. Sana will be in for a very testing time but the fans will certainly be entertained one way or the other.

Buy Diazepam Tablets Uk

In the co-main event of the night, Cheap Valium Uk defends her super-bantamweight title against Germany’s Meryum Uslu. The two female fighters are no strangers to one another having previously fought each other six years ago. Barlow had won their previous encounter by decision but Uslu will undoubtedly be very game to not only get even but end Barlow’s reign as champion.

Lion Fight 34 will be broadcasted on AXS TV in the USA and will commence from 1800 hours Pacific Time (PT) / 2100 hours Eastern Time (ET).

Lion Fight 34 – Main Card:

Regian Eersel vs. Samy Sana – Lion Fight Super Middleweight Title

Iman Barlow vs. Meryum Uslu – Lion Fight Women’s Super Bantamweight Title

Anthony Njokuani vs. Chris Harrington – Super Middleweight

Kronphet Phetrachapat vs. Kevin Burmester – Welterweight

Gabriel Mazzetti vs. Nick Chasteen – Middleweight

Diego Llamas vs. River Daz – Welterweight