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Meet the Canadians – Part 2 – Matt Embree

By Jenypher Lanthier

Matt “Matics” Embree is a well known Canadian fighter fighting out of Siam No.1 in Toronto Canada. Matt began training at seventeen years old and is fast becoming a major contender in the 140 lb category. In 2007 Matt won a Gold medal at the IFMA World Amateur Muay Thai Championships and the following year he won the 2008 WKA North American Amateur Muay Thai Championship for the 125lb weight class. He continued to steam roll through 2008 by travelling to Thailand and winning the Northern Thailand Championship in the 125lb category. In 2010 he returned back to Thailand to again win the Northern Thailand Champion for a second time at the same weight. Embree has worked tirelessly perfecting his game and waiting for the next opportunity to take one step closer to his goal of being the best of the best. One of those days came on the world stage in 2011 when he won the prestigious North American WMC Championship title and rounded out 2012 by winning the North American WBC Championship title. Ordering Valium