Buy More, Save More! Boxsense Muay Thai Shorts pack of 3!

Boxsense, one of the most famous and highest quality Thai boxing factories in Thailand have offered a new product set that give us a chance to buy quality Thai boxing shorts for a lower price. The set allows you to choose 3 different pairs of Muay Thai shorts from Boxsense for $84.50 when they are usually $32 each.
This is a pretty good deal if you ask someone who train regularly. We do use up our shorts quite fast. The nice and beautiful design with lots of details on the shorts are totally Not necessary for training unless you have an extra money to spur.

Besides, choices of Boxsense Shorts in the set look good too. Plain Muay Thai Shorts with the text “มวยไทย” in the front middle (BXS-008) and the other are plain 2 colors shorts with “มวยไทย” text in the front middle and stars on each sides (BXS-007). Good design, High quality, yet simple, and CHEAP! Are what we really focus on. Here are the pictures of the shorts that you can choose in the set. Which three of these would you pick?

Click below to pick your shorts!