Episode 40 – Martial Arts Movie Classics and more!

In this episode of The Striking Corner podcast, Eric & Vinny discuss the Martial Arts Movie classics such as Enter The Dragon, Kickboxer, Bloodsport, etc…and how they influenced martial artists everywhere. They also talk about the feedback they received from listeners via Social Media about the subject. The guys talk old school Kung Fu movies to new school classics like Ong Bak and more! Plus discussion about Lion Fight 33 and much more!

Episode 39 – Gastón Bolaños

In this episode of The Striking Corner, Vinny and Eric once again bring Muay Thai fighter Gastón Bolaños to the podcast. A native of Perú but now living in San Francisco, Gastón is a star in the US Muay Thai scene and is now looking to take his world class Muay Thai skills to MMA and Kickboxing under the Bellator banner. In this podcast Vinny and Eric talk to Gastón about leading “The Peruvian Takeover” and showcasing the talented fighters that the Peruvian Muay Thai scene has produced and putting them on display for American audiences. Gastón is a down to earth, classy, and just all around good guy whose passion for Muay Thai is without question! We talk about how he wants to use Muay Thai to inspire and motivate those around him, and how in many ways inside the ring he may be “The Dreamkiller” but outside the ring he is looking to make other people’s dreams come true.

Episode 27 – We’re Back!

The Striking Corner is back! It’s been over 4 months since we had our last episode because of some circumstances beyond our control. But we are back better then ever with a new sound and a lot more surprises in store for 2016. We thank you for your support and we hope to have your continued support as we make 2016 our best year yet! In this episode we discuss some of the setbacks we had in the last 4 months, some of our plans for 2016, Vinny discusses the growth of his gym, and we discuss Lion Fight’s success and Glory’s move to ESPN. Also we announce our new Fan Questions telephone line and segment. Check it out!