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Episode 34 – Kevin Ross

In this episode we speak with none other than “The Soul Assassin” & “El Presidente” Kevin Ross! He is a man that needs no introduction. A true American Muay Thai Legend, Kevin Ross has faced the best of the best, and win, lose, or draw always brings an exciting fight. He is a fan favorite for reasons that go beyond fighting. He is simply an passionate, inspirational athlete. In this episode we discuss the Lion Fight controversy surrounding Tiffany Van Soest, his recent WMC Intercontinental win over Leandro Duarte, his recent signing for Bellator Kickboxing, the pressure of being considered “America’s Best Muay Thai Fighter”, and much. much, more! Enjoy!

Episode 33 – Lion Fight 28, Glory 27 & More!

In this episode of The Striking Corner, Eric & Vinny discuss Lion Fight 28 and Glory 27. The aftermath and recap of each event and of course the controversy surrounding the SImon Marcus vs. Artem Levin main event. Besides that we get into the growth of Lion Fight, our opinions on Glory, Bellator Kickboxing, and what to do when a wannabe badass walks into your gym wanting to only spar. Enjoy!

Episode 31 – Natalie Fuz

In this episode of The Striking Corner we speak with former professional fighter and now owner and head instructor of Chok Sabai Gym in NYC, Natalie Fuz. Natalie really blew us away with her very apparent passion for the sport and her determination to not only improve the Muay Thai scene in the Tri-State area, but in the entire U.S. She truly holds little back when it comes to her opinions about the present state of Muay Thai in NYC and the hurdles that she feels must be overcome in order to move forward. Truly one of our favorite interviews to date. Check it out!

Episode 30 – Ashley Nichols

In this episode of The Striking Corner we speak with Ashley “AK-47” Nichols. Professional Canadian Muay Thai Fighter and pride of the Chippewas of the Thames First Nation, Ashley will be facing off with Tiffany Van Soest at Lion Fight 27 on Friday, January 29th for the vacant Super Bantamweight Lion Fight title. We speak with Ashley about her journey in Muay Thai, her accomplishments in Muay Thai, K1, BJJ, and other disciplines, as well as what we can expect to see when she stands face to face with the always explosive Tiffany Van Soest.

In addition Ashley discusses her desire to represent not only Canadian and Women’s Muay Thai but to be an example for the First Nations people, the aboriginal people of Canada. Ashley is without a doubt a disciplined, skillful, and extremely driven women, and it was a pleasure talking to her and learning more about her story. We hope you enjoy her story as much as we did.

Also as on a side note, during the portion of the podcast where Ashley was thanking her coaches, teammates, and sponsors, she forgot to mention one of her biggest sponsors, Ring Royalty Supply Co. so she wanted us to make sure we mentioned how grateful she is for all of their support. Check out their site for top quality Muay Thai gear and apparel.

Episode 29 – Justin Greskiewicz Pt. 2

As promised here is Part 2 of our interview with Stay Fly Muay Thai’s, Justin Greskiewicz! In this episode of The Striking Corner we continue our conversation with Justin and we discuss the scary injury he suffered during the Muay Thai in America show a few years back, his fight to get the promoter to help cover the cost of his recovery, and we also talk about his upcoming bout with Ky Hollenbeck at Lion Fight 29! Check it out!

Episode 28 – Justin Greskiewicz Pt. 1

In this episode of The Striking Corner we speak with none other than Philadelphia based Muay Thai fighter and head coach at Stay Fly Muay Thai, Justin Greskiewicz. Justin is a fun guy to talk to and someone a lot of people respect because he has never backed down from a fight. We have a few laughs, talk about who he has fought, the origin of Stay Fly, and Vinny and I also discuss Muay Thai, Vinny’s disdain for the UFC, and other fun stuff. We could talk for hours with Justin and he will definitely be a repeat guest on the show. This podcast ran longer than we wanted so we divided it in two parts. Here is the first part and you catch the second part next Tuesday, January 12th!