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Episode 92 – Knights of the Round Table

This is it! One of our biggest podcasts to date!

Recorded at the 2019 TBA Classic Muay Thai World Classic in Des Moines, Iowa, Vinny and Eric sit down with a few of the top coaches in the US; Bryan Dobler of Double Dose Muay Thai, Bryan Popejoy of Boxing Works, Danny Brandt of Dan’s Gym, Pete Peterson of the TBA and Roundkick Gym, Stephen Strotmeyer of Pittsburgh Muay Thai, Patrick Rivera of Valor Training Center, Sean Madden of Easton Training Center, and last but not least USMF President, Michael “Chase” Corley of Heritage Muay Thai.

It was a late night round table discussion with some of the top Muay Thai minds in America after a long day of Muay Thai fights. We go all in on the growth of Muay Thai in America…somewhat unfiltered. Enjoy!