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Triumph Kombat 4 at Madison Square Garden – PHOTOS

The Striking Corner was recently able to attend the Triumph Kombat 4 event held in NYC at the iconic theater at Madison Square Garden. While the original fight card was slated to feature 20 fights total (18 amateur, 2 pro), as is customary in the fight game, injuries and other unforeseen issues ended up bringing the number of fights down to a final 17.

However, the 17 fights did not disappoint and the matchmakers for Triumph Kombat did a great job bringing together some very talented amateurs from around the tri-state area to showcase the promotion’s brand of fast-paced full rules Muay Thai. Traditionally in Muay Thai, all bouts are 5 rounds (2-minute rounds for amateurs and 3-minute rounds for pros).

Triumph Kombat rules push for high paced action by making all fights 3 rounds, in an effort to prevent stalling, and motivate fighters to push the pace from the opening bell.

A few Muay Thai promotions worldwide have also adopted a similar rule set and it seems many more casual fans are enjoying the change. While traditionalists may frown upon this change, we believe there is room for both presentations of Muay Thai in the US. Yet, if we want to see Muay Thai grow in America, perhaps some innovation is necessary.

With that said, even though the faster paced, full rules Muay Thai should open up the opportunity to see more knockouts, it did not happen on this night. Regardless, the amateurs, even those with less than a handful of fights, put on solid performances that often times made them look far more experienced than what would be expected given their records.

Most, if not all fights, were action-packed and entertaining. The judging was also far less controversial than usual, except for the main event, where the decision was, in our opinion, a complete travesty. But as Muay Thai grows in America and until more judges are trained in how to properly judge Muay Thai, we will still have to suffer through growing pains.

All in all, a great night of Full Rules Muay Thai action in one of the most historic venues in America and the newest member of The Striking Corner family, Pari Aryafar AKA Pari Cherry, was on hand to capture some of the night’s highlights which we have shared in the gallery below.

If you are interested in seeing more of Pari’s pictures from the Triumph Kombat 4 event or would like to purchase one of the images she took, please head to her official website at Ordering Valium

Also, on the recent episode of The Striking Corner Podcast Vinny and Eric take some time to discuss the event and you can listen to that on iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn, and Google Play Music or you can listen to it here on our site Valium Rx Online.

Buy Ardin Diazepam

Buy Diazepam Tablets Uk


Episode 71 – Triumph Kombat 4, Fan Questions, and Ancestry DNA

In this episode of The Striking Corner, Eric and Vinny are together once again IN THE SAME STUDIO as Eric traveled to NYC this past weekend to provide ringside commentary for the Triumph Kombat 4 event which was held at the iconic Madison Square Garden.

The guys discuss the event and Vinny’s student Abel Cardenas’ fight, they also answer fan questions about how to grow Muay Thai in America without going the WWE route, gym hopping, “not leaving it to the judges” (uggh), and Eric receives his results from Ancestry DNA.

Enjoy! And if you have any topic ideas or questions you would like us to answer during a podcast, drop us a line at or on our Instagram accounts: @strikingcorner, @ericrivera_tsc, and @vinnyscotto


Glory 48 Results + Photos

GLORY Kickboxing visited the Mecca of fight sports once again, as Glory 48 took place at Madison Square Garden in New York City this past Friday, Dec. 1st, 2017. The event featured a great card highlighted by two title fights, one of which was the highly anticipated super bantamweight world title fight between USA’s Tiffany “Timebomb” Van Soest and Anissa Meksen of France. The Striking Corner’s Victor Alvarez was on hand with his camera to capture all of the action on this amazing night of fights. Check out the full results and images from the event below:

GLORY 48 New York:
– Kevin Vannostrand def. Anvar Boynazarov by KO at 1:06, Round 1; Vannostrand claims interim GLORY featherweight title
– Robert Thomas def. Mike Lemaire by KO at 0:18, Round 3; Thomas wins GLORY middleweight tournament
– Thiago Silva def. John King by unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)
– Robert Thomas def. Wayne Barrett by unanimous decision (30-26, 29-27, 29-27); Thomas advances to GLORY middleweight tournament semifinal
– Mike Lemaire def. Matt Baker by unanimous decision (extra round); Thomas advances to GLORY middleweight tournament semifinal

GLORY 48 SuperFight Series:
– Anissa Meksen def. Tiffany Van Soest by unanimous decision (49-46, 49-46, 49-46); Meksen claims GLORY women’s super bantamweight title
– Chris Camozzi def. Kyle Weickhardt by TKO at 3:00, Round 3
– Elvis Gashi def. Nate Richardson by unanimous decision (30-26, 30-26, 30-26)
– Ivan Galaz def. Paul Banasziak by majority decision (29-28, 29-27, 29-27)
– Itay Gershon def. Justin Houghton by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Episode 48 – Phoenix Carnevale

In this episode of The Striking Corner, Eric and Vinny speak with our good friend Phoenix Carnevale! Phoenix is a passionate follower of all things hip-hop, martial arts, comic books, movies, superheroes, etc. She is an actress, fight commentator, martial artist, fight journalist, and she is also the host of Everlast’s In Fighting Shape podcast.

An avid MMA fan, Phoenix has interviewed top UFC fighters such as Jon Jones, Ronda Rousey, Frankie Edgar, Georges St. Pierre, and many more…in this episode the guys talk about MMA, the culture of MMA, and how Muay Thai and Kickboxing are falling short in the marketing game compared to the seemingly unstoppable juggernaut that is MMA. They also discuss women in MMA and Combat Sports. Phoenix has a lot of great insight and the conversation was great. Check it out!

Episode 46 – Chris Tran

In this Episode of The Striking Corner podcast, Vinny and Eric speak to Chris Tran, who is promoter of The Warrior’s Cup Muay Thai promotion and is Owner and Head Coach of Weapons 9 Muay Thai in Middlesex, New Jersey. Chris has long been a friend of the podcast and he is easily one of the most respected and loved members of the East Coast Muay Thai scene.

A passionate martial artist who only wants to see Muay Thai grow, Chris explains that he is a fan of the sport first and a promoter second. He honestly explains that business has never been his strong suit but regardless he is thankful for the fact that he is surrounded by like minded and more business minded individuals that share his same vision for Muay Thai.

In this podcast the guys discuss Eric’s possible move to New York, the growth of Warrior’s Cup as a promotion, why Muay Thai elitism is possibly hindering the growth of Muay Thai and more! Enjoy!

Episode 31 – Natalie Fuz

In this episode of The Striking Corner we speak with former professional fighter and now owner and head instructor of Chok Sabai Gym in NYC, Natalie Fuz. Natalie really blew us away with her very apparent passion for the sport and her determination to not only improve the Muay Thai scene in the Tri-State area, but in the entire U.S. She truly holds little back when it comes to her opinions about the present state of Muay Thai in NYC and the hurdles that she feels must be overcome in order to move forward. Truly one of our favorite interviews to date. Check it out!