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Episode 46 – Chris Tran

In this Episode of The Striking Corner podcast, Vinny and Eric speak to Chris Tran, who is promoter of The Warrior’s Cup Muay Thai promotion and is Owner and Head Coach of Weapons 9 Muay Thai in Middlesex, New Jersey. Chris has long been a friend of the podcast and he is easily one of the most respected and loved members of the East Coast Muay Thai scene.

A passionate martial artist who only wants to see Muay Thai grow, Chris explains that he is a fan of the sport first and a promoter second. He honestly explains that business has never been his strong suit but regardless he is thankful for the fact that he is surrounded by like minded and more business minded individuals that share his same vision for Muay Thai.

In this podcast the guys discuss Eric’s possible move to New York, the growth of Warrior’s Cup as a promotion, why Muay Thai elitism is possibly hindering the growth of Muay Thai and more! Enjoy!

Episode 24 – Spencer Grekoski

In this episode of The Striking Corner, Vinny and Eric speak with young professional fighter Spencer Grekoski. They discuss the growth of Muay Thai in the U.S., Spencer’s recent trips and upcoming trips to Thailand, being a new professional in the U.S. Muay Thai scene and more. Vinny also talks about an infamous 4th of July party where Eric’s alcohol tolerance was put to the test. Enjoy!