Nathan Kitchen

MTiL Skype Interview – An interview with Julie & Nathan Kitchen

We decided to try a new thing here at MTiL and put together Skype Interviews, with side by side video, and interview fighters from around the world, that way you don’t just hear the people we interview but can also see them (Granted they have Skype of course). Julie and Nathan Kitchen have been very cool with us here at MTiL so it was only natural that the first people we would interview with our new “innovative” and “completely original” system would be them. I wanted to speak with both Nathan and Julie about Julie’s recent fight against Aleide Lawant for her 14th World Title, her currently rivalry with American fighter Miriam Nakamoto, as well as a few other great subjects like balancing fighting with raising two up and coming twin girls who also happen to be fighters, and the female side of the Muay Thai scene. All in all it’s a great conversation with the classy Kitchen family. We hope you enjoy!