Triumph Kombat 4 at Madison Square Garden – PHOTOS

The Striking Corner was recently able to attend the Triumph Kombat 4 event held in NYC at the iconic theater at Madison Square Garden. While the original fight card was slated to feature 20 fights total (18 amateur, 2 pro), as is customary in the fight game, injuries and other unforeseen issues ended up bringing the number of fights down to a final 17.

However, the 17 fights did not disappoint and the matchmakers for Triumph Kombat did a great job bringing together some very talented amateurs from around the tri-state area to showcase the promotion’s brand of fast-paced full rules Muay Thai. Traditionally in Muay Thai, all bouts are 5 rounds (2-minute rounds for amateurs and 3-minute rounds for pros).

Triumph Kombat rules push for high paced action by making all fights 3 rounds, in an effort to prevent stalling, and motivate fighters to push the pace from the opening bell.

A few Muay Thai promotions worldwide have also adopted a similar rule set and it seems many more casual fans are enjoying the change. While traditionalists may frown upon this change, we believe there is room for both presentations of Muay Thai in the US. Yet, if we want to see Muay Thai grow in America, perhaps some innovation is necessary.

With that said, even though the faster paced, full rules Muay Thai should open up the opportunity to see more knockouts, it did not happen on this night. Regardless, the amateurs, even those with less than a handful of fights, put on solid performances that often times made them look far more experienced than what would be expected given their records.

Most, if not all fights, were action-packed and entertaining. The judging was also far less controversial than usual, except for the main event, where the decision was, in our opinion, a complete travesty. But as Muay Thai grows in America and until more judges are trained in how to properly judge Muay Thai, we will still have to suffer through growing pains.

All in all, a great night of Full Rules Muay Thai action in one of the most historic venues in America and the newest member of The Striking Corner family, Pari Aryafar AKA Pari Cherry, was on hand to capture some of the night’s highlights which we have shared in the gallery below.

If you are interested in seeing more of Pari’s pictures from the Triumph Kombat 4 event or would like to purchase one of the images she took, please head to her official website at

Also, on the recent episode of The Striking Corner Podcast Vinny and Eric take some time to discuss the event and you can listen to that on iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn, and Google Play Music or you can listen to it here on our site at the following link.


Muay Talk Phone Interview – Take On Productions President Eddie Cuello

This Friday, March 16th, the sport of Muay Thai will enjoy yet another historic moment in its continuing growth in America when it steps into the confines of the sport and entertainment Mecca that is Madison Square Garden. For the first time in history “The Garden” as it is commonly called, will play host to the beautiful and deadly “art of 8 limbs”. Muay Thai is Life’s own Eric Rivera will be providing the ringside fight commentary for Go Fight Live alongside the beautiful and knowledgeable Phoenix Carnavale from The Wat in NYC. The event will feature a total of 15 bouts of which 10 will be amateur and 5 will be pro. The amateur bouts however will include two title match ups including the final of the Rising Stars 155 lbs. Amateur 8-Man Tournament and the Take On Super Middleweight title. The pro bouts will include many popular names in the Northeast Muay Thai scene including Andy Singh, Eric Ruiz, Brett Hlavacek, Sean Hinds, and Rigel Balsamico. The local boys will be looking to defend their home turf against formidable opponents such as Ohio’s Ryan Madigan, North Carolina’s Chris Clodfelter, and Arizona’s Thiago Azeredo.

Aside from the fights, just the simple fact that the event will be taking place inside one of the most famous venues in sports history is enough to make any Muay Thai/Combat Sports enthusiastic. Probably one of the most enthusiastic about the MSG event finally taking place, is none other than Take On Productions President Eddie Cuello. We caught up with Eddie Cuello as he was returning home from training (he is a fighter and avid Muay Thai fan himself) to talk to him about the upcoming event as well as a few other details about Muay Thai in NYC and what goes on behind the scenes. Take a listen to the interview below.

If you can not make it to the event be sure to purchase the live Internet PPV feed on GFL.TV by clicking the poster on the right hand navigation bar or by going to the event page on Go Fight Live here.