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Meet the Canadians – Part 3 – Simon Marcus

Simon training w/ Ajahn Suchart – by Jenypher Lanthier –

I am sitting ringside at Siam No.1 in Toronto, Canada. I sit close enough to feel the occasional drop of sweat whip towards me from a powerful swing kick or punch. Simon Marcus is hitting pads with Ajahn Suchart. The cracking sound that it makes is devastating, like thunderclaps as bones collide against leather with a force and willpower that is not often witnessed live in person. I have trained with Ajahn before, so I am aware of what it feels like to do only five rounds of what can best be described as me trying to hit as hard as I can continuously, while he resists my power with the pads. Each weapon thrown is a fight against his power. If you are not throwing with full power his resistance will make you feel like your weapon just bounces off his Thai pad. I watch as Simon destroyed the pads for five whole rounds and look like he still had energy for more after. This is just a small glimpse of what he must endure to be able to stay at the top and fight opponents such as Artem Levin. It is a mere fraction of the amount of dedication and focus required for him to be where he is. So that got me thinking, “Why? Why really go through all this?” So I asked him.

Without further ado, here is my interview with Simon “Bad Bwoy” Marcus.

Simon faces possibly one of his toughest challenges battling Artem Levin this Friday on the LionFight Promotion. We wish both fighters the best of luck and look forward to a great fight!

A special thank you goes out to Allen Chung for the photos and video and to Simon for taking the time out to sit with us and talk with us.

Photo & Video credits: Allen Chung

TSC presents “Profiles in American Muay Thai” Vol. 10 presents Eddie Walker

We are all looking for our calling. We are all looking for that one profession, talent, or activity where as if by some form of divine intervention, we can simply excel and perform better than others and are happy doing it. Some spend their entire lives looking for their “calling” and fail to find it. Often times we settle for what society tells us is right for us and give up searching for what really makes us feel alive. Many times we find our calling by chance.

Atlanta-based Muay Thai fighter Eddie Walker found his calling because after years of exercise and weightlifting he found himself still unable to get the results he was seeking. Five years ago, while trying to stay in shape he walked into Knuckle Up Fitness in Atlanta, Georgia and began taking Muay Thai classes. After a few months of training at Knuckle Up Fitness, Eddie caught the eye of professional Muay Thai fighter, Anthony Nieves. Impressed by his power and natural talent, Nieves asked Eddie if he had ever given fighting a thought.

This chance encounter would be the beginning of a new journey for Eddie. A journey that has taken him from fighting at local promotions such as Bangkok Fight Night in Atlanta, traveling all the way to Macedonia and representing the US on the Enfusion kickboxing reality show, and finally a shot at facing one of America’s current kickboxing superstars, Joe “Stich’Em Up” Schilling at Lion Fight Promotions’ “Lion Fight 7: Schilling vs. Walker”

When I asked Eddie about his upcoming bout with Schilling Read More

PHOTOS – Lion Fight Promotions “Schilling vs Marcus 2” Weigh-Ins.

All fighters that will compete at Lion Fight Promotions “Schilling vs Marcus 2” made their way to Body English at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las, Vegas to weigh-in for their respective bouts. All fighters made weight and the weigh in process went smoothly. Lion Fight Photographer Bennie Palmore was on hand to take a few shots of the fighters as they weighed in and as expected we are posting them up for all of you to see. Also, MTiL photographer Galen Okazaki will be ringside tomorrow evening to take shots of all the action and you can be sure to check them out here at Muay Thai is Life.

Battle in the Desert 5 Photos by Galen Okazaki + Weigh In Pics from Jeff Dojillo!

MTiL’s very own Galen Okazaki was once again our go to guy to capture all of the action at this past weekend’s Lion fight Promotions “Battle in the Desert 5” event! As always Galen snapped away and captured some great shots of all the action that took place inside the Lion Fight ring. Along with Galen’s pics we have also featured a few pics from the events weigh ins that were captured by our good friend, the very talented Jef Dojillo. Some of you may know Jeff, as he is the mind behind the exceptional “Into the Fight” series. Jeff is another one of our talented friends and also captured some great shots of the action at Lion Fight. In the Gallery below you will see Galen’s pics as well as the pics Jeff snapped at the weigh-ins.

If you wish to see the other images Jeff snapped at “Battle in the Desert 5” please make sure you check out his blog at Jeff Dojillo Photography. Enjoy the pics!

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TSC presents “Profiles in American Muay Thai” Vol. 8 – Tiffany VanSoest

By Galen Okazaki

On February 25, 2012, Tiffany VanSoest will climb into the ring at Lion Fight Promotion’s Battle of the Desert 5 at the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas. She’ll be looking to improve her professional Muay Thai record to 2-0 as she takes on Vivian Leung who currently owns a 2-0 record.

While fighting is her current vocation, more than anything else Tiffany VanSoest is an athlete and self diagnosed adrenaline junkie. Her athletic career began at the tender age of five when she kicked her first soccer ball. She continued to play soccer for club teams throughout grade school and junior high and for a championship team in high school. While in high school, Tiffany also found time to pole vault. She ended up being a league champion and she set a school record that was only very recently broken. As for soccer, she continued to play for two more years at the college level for a nationally ranked team (Cal State San Marcos). The only reason she stopped playing soccer was so that she could focus on her fight training. Along the way she also played basketball, baseball, golf and she has also been a lifelong surfer.

In light of all of this, how did she become interested in fighting you ask? *Ahem* turtles…as in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Watching the Ninja Turtles as a child, Tiffany knew she had to learn a martial art and was finally able to talk her parents into letting her enroll in a karate class at age eight. So she started to train at the United States Karate Organization in Riverside CA. She enthusiastically took to the sport and within a year she was competing in tournaments. By age 17 she had was a 2nd degree Black Belt (Nidan) and she had won USKA State, National and World titles. While she was highly successful and did well with the point scoring, she found that she really liked the full contact sparring the best. Read More

TSC presents “Profiles in American Muay Thai” Vol. 7 – Jose Palacios

by Galen Okazaki

The first time I saw Jose Palacios fight in person was in March of 2011 when he fought Joey Pagliuso. It was a tough fight that almost went the distance. But with only 15 seconds left in the fight, Jose unleashed a head kick that knocked Joey out cold. A few months later I saw Jose fight in person again at Battle in the Desert 2, when he took on Scotty Leffler. In a blur, he knocked out Scotty with an overhand right 20 seconds into the fight. At this point I really started to take notice of Jose Palacios, how could you not? His next fight with the up and coming Artem Sharoshkin at Stand Up Promotion’s National Muay Thai Championship fight card was highly anticipated. That fight ended up going the distance with Jose winning it by unanimous decision. With three strong wins in a row over well regarded opponents he had improved his professional Muay Thai record to 5-2. Jose had made a career breakthrough and he was on the rise. Next up, was a fight with the re-emergent Kit Cope and his 23-0 pro Muay Thai record at Lion Fight Promotion’s Battle in the Desert 4.


Jose and his coach Rudi Ott

Jose Palacios was born in Managua, Nicaragua. When he was six, his parents left for the United States with his two older brothers, leaving Jose and his younger brother behind. The feeling of abandonment left Jose with a healthy dose of anger as he ended up getting into many fights as a young boy in Managua. After he turned eight, his parents finally sent for Jose and his younger brother. The reunited family settled in the San Francisco bay area. What Jose remembers of his early childhood was that he wanted to be a fighter. In Nicaragua, boxing is a very popular sport and it was the fighting style that Jose always wanted to pursue. Once here, his family was not able to afford to send him to any kind of formal martial training, so he and his friends formed fight clubs and fought in garages, alley ways and other hidden venues. Read More