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Episode 96 – Jackie Buntan

In this episode of The Striking Corner podcast we speak with up and coming women’s Muay Thai fighter, Jackie Buntan. Training out of Boxing Works in Torrance, California; Jackie has been active in Muay Thai since she was 11 years old and won her first TBA Muay Thai World Expo title at just 13 years old.

We discuss Jackie’s journey in Muay Thai and discuss the recent news that she has signed with rapidly flourishing Muay Thai, Kickboxing, and MMA promotion ONE Championship.

Episode 95 – Kennedy-Reilly Maze

In this episode of The Striking Corner podcast we speak with LA-based fighter and 2019 IFMA World Championship Silver Medalist, Kennedy-Reilly Maze. Kennedy discusses her journey through Muay Thai, how the sport has shaped her life and helped her overcome past issues and insecurities.

Kennedy is an extremely focused and driven athlete who feels that her journey in the sport is just beginning. She is definitely a fighter to look out for as it is evident that she is willing to sacrifice everything to get to the top of the sport. We had a great time speaking with Kennedy and we know you will enjoy this episode!

Episode 94 – Jessica Ng

In this episode of The Striking Corner podcast we speak with New York-based fighter Jessica Ng. Jessica is one of the most recognizable female fighters in the NYC Muay Thai scene, in addition she has represented Team USA on various occasions at both the IFMA World Championships and the IFMA Pan-American Championships.

We discuss her passion for the sport, her experiences at IFMA, the growth of Women’s Muay Thai and Women’s combat sports, and Eric completely sticks his foot in his mouth at one point…so Enjoy!

Episode 93 – Rami Ibrahim

In this episode of The Striking Corner podcast we talk with Rami “The Son of Palestine” Ibrahim. Rami has had a long successful career in both the American and International Muay Thai scene. In addition to being an accomplished fighter, Rami is also a passionate and successful coach that has instilled the same dedication and sacrifice in his students that he has always demanded from himself.

Rami, has always been a confident, passionate, and fearless individual who speaks his mind and has a gift of inspiring those around him to push harder and be better. He has helped coach both the US Youth and Adult teams as part of the USMF at international competitions.

This man no doubt loves the sport of Muay Thai and it was a pleasure to have him on the podcast. If you are currently a fighter or are new to Muay Thai, this episode with Rami will no doubt motivate you and also help you understand the kind of dedication and discipline that is required if you want to make it to he highest levels of this sport.

Episode 47 – Janet Todd

So what is the only difference between men and women in combat sports? Well according to California based Muay Thai fighter Janet Todd, our guest on this week’s episode of The Striking Corner, “It doesn’t hurt when we get kicked in the nether regions because…we don’t have balls.”

Yup! Eric and Vinny had a great conversation with West Coast and Boxing Works standout Janet Todd. Janet is a very accomplished amateur Muay Thai fighter with tons of skill and more than a few amateur titles to her name.

We discuss women in Muay Thai and Combat Sports, how she balances her career as an aeronautical engineer with a flourishing Muay Thai career, and why Britney Spears is the best music to train to! Check it out!

Episode 45 – Damien Trainor

In this episode of The Striking Corner, Eric and Vinny speak with UK Muay Thai Legend, World Champion, and 4-time European Champion, Damien Trainor. Damien gives a lot of insight into the mental game of being a fighter, when it’s best to hang up the gloves, life after fighting, haters, social media, and more! Damien is a legend and has continued to give back to the Muay Thai & Kickboxing community through his work at his own gym, doing seminars around the world, and writing for his blog at