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United States Muaythai Federation (USMF) – 2nd OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE

As previously announced in our recent press release, the United States Muaythai Federation (USMF) will be partnering with the country’s major Muaythai tournaments as sanctioned by the World Kickboxing Association (WKA), the International Kickboxing Federation (IKF) and the Thai Boxing Association Sanctioning Authority (TBA-SA). As partners, we will delegate the strongest team for competition at the 2017 International Federation Muaythai Amateur (IFMA) tournament which will be held beginning on May 1, 2017 (Location to be announced).

Ordering ValiumValium Rx OnlineBuy Ardin Diazepam
Working in conjunction with the major self-governing sanctioning bodies (note: the USMF is NOT a sanctioning body) to build a battle-tested team establishes an excellent precedent as has been the goal of any true federation. The respected groups have an excellent history in running their annual campaigns, all of them continuously crown high-caliber champions – capable of performing well for the US in the IFMA tournament.

• WKA-USA: US National Championships and Team Trials. May 19-22, (New York, NY)
Buy Diazepam Tablets Uk
• TBA-SA: 10th annual Muay Thai Classic. June 17-19th (Des Moines Iowa)
Cheap Valium Uk
• IKF: World Classic Muay Thai Championships. July 22-24 (Orlando, FL)
Buy Valium By Roche 10Mg

By hosting the unifying tournament, the USMF would extend exclusive invitations to the tournament champions for the opportunity to compete for a spot on the IFMA roster. This yields a process to give everyone, regardless of region within the US, an equal opportunity to earn a prestigious spot on the team by participating and winning in any of those tournaments.

For all athletes reading this, the USMF in partnership with the IKF, TBA and WKA will be the platform that enables your career to advance internationally!