Galen Okazaki

TSC presents “Profiles in American Muay Thai” Vol. 3 – Chaz Mulkey

by Galen Okazaki

In what has been the biggest year in American Muay Thai to date, we fans have been treated to more outstanding fight cards and performances than ever before. Many of these performances have included some of the biggest names in international Muay Thai and with all of this the level of American Muay Thai has risen to new heights. With Kevin Ross’ epic performance against Saenchai Sinibi, Ky Hollenbeck’s string of strong performances against international opponents and Joe Schilling’s domination of Kaoklai the momentum is clear. Throughout this memorable year Chaz Mulkey has quietly put together one of the best seasons of the year. With victories over Douglas Edwards, Ken Tran, Remy Bonnell and another victory at MBK while training in Thailand he has gone 4-0. With his victory over Bonnell in August he won the WBC Muay Thai International Middleweight belt. This string of victories over high level opponents has put Mulkey into any discussion about top American nak muays. A victory over a very tough Simon Chu on November 19th at the fourth installment of Lion Fight Promotion’s Battle in the Desert would give Mulkey an incredible season and huge momentum leading into 2012.

Unlike some of the others we have met here in “Profiles”, Chaz Mulkey did not aspire be fighter. Growing up in his hometown of Dallas TX, soccer was Mulkey’s sport of choice. He played from grade school through high school and he was very good at it, playing varsity level soccer for three years. Becoming a fighter was the last thing on his mind. But as his high school years came to an end his soccer career was over. Not really having thought about what was next he faced a future with no real direction. So like many of us at that stage in our lives he started partying and getting into trouble. Over the next four to five years he had numerous brushes with the law and was arrested a handful of times for various non-violent offenses. He had his driving license revoked and even spent some time in TDC (jail) for going into a neighbor’s open garage and smashing a bunch of golf clubs. Read More

Part 2 of Galen Okazaki’s MPL “Stars and Stripes” pictorial – Simon Marcus & Nathan Corbett

Part 2 of Galen Okazaki’s pictorial of the Muay Thai Premier Leagues inaugural event at the Walter Pyramid in Long Beach, California on Sept. 2nd, 2011. This set features shots from the match ups between Simon Marcus and Artem Vakhitov and Nathan Corbett and Tomas Hron.


Pictures from Battle in the Desert 3 by MTL’s Galen Okazaki – UPDATED

Muay Thai is Life’s photographer, Galen Okazaki is an artistic dude. He decided to shy away from taking the usual fight pictures and go for something with more soul, more grit, and more overall feeling. He decided to say, “Fight pictures with color? That’s been done to death!” and then proceeded to get some epic black & white shots of Lion Fight Promotions’ Battle in the Desert 3 this past Saturday, August 20th. One of his shots -an incredible shot of Joe Schilling knocking Brandon Banda into an altered level of consciousness- made photo of the week; not only on our website but also on the website of our friendly rivals at Muay Thai Authority. Here are some of his top pics from the event. I don’t know if these are all of them since Galen is a mysterious ninja-like character that keeps a lot of things secret from me, but either way they just reek of badassery and you would be a fool not to agree. Enjoy!