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Lion Fight 34 – Roundup and results: Controversial loss for Chasteen, Barlow and Eersel rule supreme

Regian Eersel and Iman Barlow both retained their title last night in dominant fashion at Ordering Valium in Las Vegas. However, the night was marred in controversy by a debatable decision win for Gabriel Mazzetti over Nick Chasteen in an action packed affair and fight of the night. Both men gave it their all for a very entertaining match-up but Chasteen who, churned-out a ‘career breakout performance’.

One side of the argument would support Chasteen (6-4) seeming to have had more success in delivering his volume of striking more consistently throughout the fight compared to the 18 year old Peruvian phenom. However, the judges had seen the fight quite differently and awarded an unanimous decision (UD) to”El Nino” (14-2) which, was strongly remonstrated and booed by the spectators when officially announced  at the Tropicana Resort Casino.

Unfortunately, the contentious decision magnifies the ongoing issues that the State of Nevada Athletic Commission (NSAC) are experiencing when it comes to scoring Muay Thai bouts. Something that colour commentator and ambassador of the sport, Michael Schiavello, lambasted NSAC about post-fight.

“Another terrible decision by the Nevada State Commission who showed us tonight they don’t know how to score Muay Thai.”


Iman Barlow retains her title at Lion Fight 34 | Photo credit: Bennie Pallmore/Lion Fight Promotions

Iman Barlow (87-5-3) showcased her ‘art of kicking’ and effectively strong clinch-knees to differentiate her from Meryem Uslu (62-12-1). The two had fought once before with Valium Rx Online securing the decision six years ago. However, on this occasion Barlow technically outclassed the determined title challenger who, managed to struggle on, despite enduring some brutal knees to the body and head. As well as a nasty cut to Uslu’s forehead from an elbow (late on into the fight) as Iman secured a UD to retain her super-bantamweight title.

Regian Eersel was initially matched-up against Samy Sana but the Frenchman was replaced for Buy Ardin Diazepam and with short notice by Dewitt Pratt. However, the last minute change of opponent did nothing to phase “The Immortal” who, violently rocked and battered Pratt to retain the Lion Fight super-middleweight title with a first round TKO. The power and explosive Muay Thai violence that Eersel continues to demonstrate (including his trademark flying knees), seriously raises the question as to who to match him up with next, for a more challenging threat to his championship.

Lion Fight 34 – Results:

Regian Eersel def. Dewitt Pratt via Rd1 TKO – wins Lion Fight super-middleweight championship
Iman Barlow def. Meryem Uslu via UD – retains Lion Fight women’s super-bantamweight championship
Anthony Njokuani def. Chris Harrington via Rd3 TKO
Gabriel Mazzetti def. Nick Chasteen via UD
Kevin Burmester vs. Kronphet Phetrachapat – majority draw
River Daz def. Diego Llamas via UD
Steve Walker def. Sedrick Sweet via Rd2 TKO
Gilbert Pimental def. Chris Rios via Rd3 TKO
Zhenya Chuprina def. Ardavan Moeini via split decision
Derrick Wheeler def. Dean Parker via UD
Garrett Jeppsen def. Derek Gottlieb via Rd1 TKO


Lion Fight 34: Eersel vs. Sana – Preview and Fight Card

Lion Fight 34 is headlined by Dutch powerhouse, Regian Eersel against French Thai boxer, Samy Sana in an Real Valium Online dust-up that has all the makings of a brutally violent affair on January 3, 2017 at the Tropicana Resort Casino in Las Vegas.

Eersel is the current Lion Fight super-middleweight champion having devastatingly KO’d Jake Purdy for the title at Lion Fight 33. Prior to that the “The Immortal” had emphatically executed one of the best right head kick KOs of 2016 to finish Jo Nattawut at Lion Fight 29.

However, Sana is no pushover and isn’t shy of a fire fight in the ring either, having been in with the best of them including, Order Valium Online Overnight and Buy Diazepam In Uk. Neither the Frenchman nor the defending Dutch champion hold back with their aggressive styles of fighting and both have the natural power to rock anyone.

The ferocity of Eersel though is something else compared to the competition and he has always displayed explosive speed to take advantage of his adversaries with venomous violence and thunderous knockouts from any of his eight limbs. Sana will be in for a very testing time but the fans will certainly be entertained one way or the other.

Order Valium Uk

In the co-main event of the night, Buy Diazepam Online Fast Delivery defends her super-bantamweight title against Germany’s Meryum Uslu. The two female fighters are no strangers to one another having previously fought each other six years ago. Barlow had won their previous encounter by decision but Uslu will undoubtedly be very game to not only get even but end Barlow’s reign as champion.

Lion Fight 34 will be broadcasted on AXS TV in the USA and will commence from 1800 hours Pacific Time (PT) / 2100 hours Eastern Time (ET).

Lion Fight 34 – Main Card:

Regian Eersel vs. Samy Sana – Lion Fight Super Middleweight Title

Iman Barlow vs. Meryum Uslu – Lion Fight Women’s Super Bantamweight Title

Anthony Njokuani vs. Chris Harrington – Super Middleweight

Kronphet Phetrachapat vs. Kevin Burmester – Welterweight

Gabriel Mazzetti vs. Nick Chasteen – Middleweight

Diego Llamas vs. River Daz – Welterweight