December 22nd.

The Striking Corner Podcast returns Dec. 22nd and a call to all Muay Thai fanatics! + VIDEO


The Striking Corner Podcast will make it’s triumphant return on Tuesday Dec. 22nd. It has been a little over 4 months since our last podcast and although we never intended to halt production. Juggling the birth of my new son, heavy demands at work, a tediously long commute, and some nagging health issues caused me to halt production and tell Vinny we would nee to put the podcast on hiatus. After all, family and health come first and I needed to focus on those issues first so that I could later give the podcast and website the 100% attention it deserves.

If you know anything about me, when it comes to design, multimedia, etc…I am a perfectionist. I want The Striking Corner to be the best looking website and the most professional sounding podcast. So I dedicate a lot of time to aesthetics. However, what I realize is that spending so much time on the aesthetics of the site and balancing my work at The Striking Corner with a full time job and a growing family has made our content suffer.

There are so many sites dedicated to Muay Thai and Kickboxing lately that do very well of keeping fervent Muay Thai fans informed of all the upcoming events, fights, news, etc…and I want The Striking Corner to be just as good at providing news and information as it is pleasant to look at and listen to. So that is my goal for 2016. We will basically be making a call to all our photographer friends, writing friends, and passionate Muay Thai friends for help with keeping the content flowing at The Striking Corner website. Vinny and I will take care of the podcast but we have definitely arrived at a point where we need help with writing articles and covering events i.e. pictures, recaps, etc.

If you are a writer or photographer looking for a place to showcase your work and get noticed. Then The Striking Corner will be the place for you. We don’t make a dime from the site as of yet. So all work is strictly on a volunteer basis. But as we grow you will grow with us. So if you are interested in working with us in any of the capacities mentioned above then please send us an e-mail at

So with all that said, our podcast returns on Tues. Dec. 22nd, we will then take a break for the holidays and will be back in full on Jan. 5th! I’m working on a few new things to make the podcast sound better than ever so stay tuned.  The video above is just a start and features just some of the new audio imaging for our podcast.  We just want to make it sound better than ever and also aim to have the best guests on the show EVER!  Stay tuned and thank you for all of your support.  Happy Holidays!

  • Eric Rivera – CEO of The Striking Corner