Cyrus Washington

Yodslanki and Buakaw confirmed to fight on Enfusion Live in 2017

Muay Thai legends Yodslanki and Buakaw will be fighting on Enfusion Live in 2017 (against opponents yet to be announced) as was confirmed by Enfusion earlier today to the Striking Corner; and it should be noted that Enfusion have made these agreements alone and not in partnership with any other promotion(s).

The breaking news follows on from Fabio Pinca joining the 67kg Enfusion League in the new year. 2017 is looking to be a an even busier year for Pinca who, had also confirmed after defeating Liam Harrison at Yokkao 19, that he’ll also be making his return to GLORY Kickboxing on what has since been confirmed against, Mosab Amrani on December 10 at GLORY 36 – the same night and preceding, GLORY Collision: Rico vs Badr in Oberhausen, Germany.

Earlier this year at Enfusion Live 37, the 72.5kg Enfusion League commenced consisting of: Mohammed Jaraya, Nordin Ben Moh, Jonay Risco, Serginio Kanters (who will now be replaced due to weight cutting issues at Enfusion Live 43), Crice Boussoulou and Tayfun Ozcan.

The 72.5kg Enfusion League returns in February 2017 and will include a mouthwatering rematch: Mohammed Jaraya vs Nordin Ben Moh – both of whom fought one another at Enfusion Live 37 in undoubtedly was one of the most spectacular fights of the year.

It isn’t only Kunlun Fight who have deep pockets to pay the big fees that attract the likes of Buakaw to fight for them. Enfusion have made a statement to the big boys i.e. GLORY and Bellator Kickboxing with this announcement, having organically developed their brand of kickboxing since 2008. The promotion started their journey with Enfusion Reality which, was a reality TV kickboxing show and featured: Eddie Walker, Cyrus Washington, Warren Thompson, Julie Kitchen and Andrew Tate as contestants.

The Striking Corner will bring you more news on both the 67kg Enfsuon League featuring Fabio Pinca and further updates on who and when both, Yodslanki and Buakaw will be fighting in the in the new year too for Enfusion.

Nieky Holzken, Cyrus Washington, Marco Pique, and Michael Corley discuss their bouts at “Klaar Om Te Bossen 3” in Suriname – PLUS Weigh-In Pictures

Tomorrow (OR tonight depending on when you read this) is the “Klaar Om Te Bossen 3” event in Paramaribo, Suriname. One of our readers had asked me what exactly the title of the event meant and I was sad to tell him that I didn’t know because my Dutch is pretty much rusty, or in other words non-existent. After using Google translate and a few other online translation services, all indications pointed to it meaning “Ready to Forest”, which I’m sure you would all agree had to be incorrect. I then remembered that my good friend Krystal happens to be from Suriname and would surely point me in the right direction. Anyway, she informed me that the phrase was in Surinamese-Dutch and actually meant “Ready to Blow!”, which made a lot more sense. So for the reader out there that was asking, you now know what “Klaar Om Te Bossen” means. Also, I might add that Krystal recommended that people who are interested in Surinamese cuisine try saoto, whatever that is. I’m sure it’s delicious.

Cyrus Washington & Nieky Holzken

With that said, the “Klaar Om Te Bossen” event will feature a few big bouts such as those featuring kickboxing superstars Nieky Holzken and Marco Pique facing off against Americans Cyrus Washington and Michael Chase Corley. An important thing to highlight is that not only is the bout between Marco Pique and Michael Chase Corley a Full Muay Thai rules fight, it is the first Full Muay Thai rules bout in the history of Suriname! Also on the card, female Muay Thai sensation and WBC International Champion Jemyma Betrian will face off against Lorena “The Pitbull” Klijn. Another American to grace the card will be Ron Ritter facing off against Rodney Glunder. Check out our previous article for the full lineup.

Muay Thai is Life was lucky enough to have a few friends on the ground in Suriname who were able to sit down with all 4 of the main event fighters: Nieky, Marco, Cyrus, and Michael to ask them a few questions. Also we were able to get a few exclusive pics of the weigh ins for the event, which can be seen in the gallery that follows the interview.

MTiL: First of all, thank you guys for taking the time before your big fights to speak with us here at Muay Thai is Life. Michael and Cyrus, although you are both American fighters, the majority of your careers have been spent fighting overseas. What do you feel are the major differences between competing overseas and competing in the United States? And while Muay Thai is experiencing growth in the U.S. and some American fighters, such as yourselves, are making waves globally, there is still the thought that American Muay Thai is weak…why do you think that thought persists?

Michael Corley: Fighting overseas you get a chance to compete against all different kinds of styles with Dutch, Muay Thai and all kinds of European and Asian styles.

More shows are starting to bring in international talent for US guys to compete against and it’s turning heads. And then there are the guys that are going out and fighting internationally and having good showings.

Cyrus Washington: I feel that thought is still spoken of because of the past. Myself, Michael Corely, and maybe 5 or 6 other top American fighters, American Muay Thai is strong as in any other country. The major difference between fighting in the US and over seas is the fact that more money and effort are put forth from both promoters and fighters. There is less commission involvement and more sanctioning bodies overseeing regulations.

MTiL: What do you think needs to change or needs to continue in the U.S. for the sport to grow and eventually reach a level that is on par with the best Muay Thai nations in the world? Read More