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“The Nakmuay From Lyon” – A Fabio Pinca Highlight by The Striking Corner

In anticipation of Fabio Pinca’s fight versus Charlie “Boy” Peters at Lion Fight 27 on January 29th, 2016. We decided to put a small highlight together of some of Fabio Pinca’s recent fights and those that we could find that were in HD, as well as some training footage. One of the top foreign Muay Thai fighters in the world, Fabio Pinca as of this writing is the WBC Muay Thai World Champion and current Lion Fight Welterweight Champion. He is a skilled and crafty fighter with an elegant style who has faced some of the best fighters in the world. This is just a small quick highlight video we put together to showcase his talent. Enjoy!

Episode 28 – Justin Greskiewicz Pt. 1

In this episode of The Striking Corner we speak with none other than Philadelphia based Muay Thai fighter and head coach at Stay Fly Muay Thai, Justin Greskiewicz. Justin is a fun guy to talk to and someone a lot of people respect because he has never backed down from a fight. We have a few laughs, talk about who he has fought, the origin of Stay Fly, and Vinny and I also discuss Muay Thai, Vinny’s disdain for the UFC, and other fun stuff. We could talk for hours with Justin and he will definitely be a repeat guest on the show. This podcast ran longer than we wanted so we divided it in two parts. Here is the first part and you catch the second part next Tuesday, January 12th!

The Brutal Ballet feat. Simon Marcus

So I get this e-mail yesterday by this guy named Jonny Pottins and he tells me he just made a short documentary video about Muay Thai feat. Simon Marcus and sends me the link. Now, I’m a huge Simon Marcus fan (who isn’t really, the man looks like he was carved from stone and is one of the best Muay Thai fighters on the planet, some would even argue he is the true GLORY Middleweight Champion, but that’s a discussion for another time).

Anyway, once I finished watching this video, I wrote back to Jonny Pottins and told him we would definitely share the video because needless to say it is an absolute work of art. Simple, beautifully shot, and to the point, Simon Marcus perfectly describes in his own words what we at The Striking Corner also love about Muay Thai. The beauty of it’s destructive simplicity. The ballet of two highly skilled opponents going toe to toe in what is truly a deadly and brutal ballet that often ends with one man (or woman) standing and their opponent on unconscious on the canvas. But in the ballet of Muay Thai, neither the victor or the fallen walk away unscathed. The defeated opponent obviously walks bruised and beaten both emotionally and physically but the victor also walks away bruised and battered but with a smile from ear to ear. The feeling of victory no doubt more powerful than the sting of his or her injuries.

This video perfectly describes Muay Thai and everything I love about it. Simon Marcus truly loves Muay Thai the same way I do. The same way all of us at The Striking Corner do. This video is a must watch and I will continue to watch it on repeat for years to come.

Shout out to the director of the video Jonny Pottins and his team which I have listed below because they also deserve to be recognized.

GRIP: Chris Leung
GAFFER: Koadie Preston
EDITORS: Peter Strauss, Matthew Nayman
COLOUR: Alter Ego
AUDIO MIX/EDIT: Toronto Sound

SPECIAL THANKS to Simon Marcus, Ajahn Suchart, Siam No.1

Episode 24 – Spencer Grekoski

In this episode of The Striking Corner, Vinny and Eric speak with young professional fighter Spencer Grekoski. They discuss the growth of Muay Thai in the U.S., Spencer’s recent trips and upcoming trips to Thailand, being a new professional in the U.S. Muay Thai scene and more. Vinny also talks about an infamous 4th of July party where Eric’s alcohol tolerance was put to the test. Enjoy!

Lo-Bloo product review – The Thai cup, Reimagined

I’m a natural skeptic and a scientist vocationally. So, when I hear anecdotes and unempirical accounts about nearly everything, I’m dubious until testing myself. When the new groin guard system called Lo-Bloo was being distributed by Competitive ACE, I initially balked. For over a year, in fact. I saw one at the 2014 Thai Boxing Sanctioning Authority’s Annual Muay Thai Classic at the vendor’s area and scoffed. Anthony Salcedo pitched it to me (Lo-Bloo promised added safety & comfort and hygiene compared to my traditional steel cup), yet I dismissed him, much to my later chagrin.

Recently, Anthony sent me one for testing, not from a fighter’s perspective, but as a trainer and padman. I routinely get kneed, teeped and kicked in the cup everyday in the gym. From seasoned professionals to the greenest novice, it happens. For years I’ve worn a steel cup, and just shake it off as very few of the low blows really register.

The Lo-Bloo protector, once adjusting, was instantly more comfortable. It is a much lighter cup with vents, so there was air-flow that you don’t have with the traditional solid steel Thai cup. Room to breathe, so to speak. 15 minutes of rope and shadowboxing to warm-up and felt like I wasn’t wearing a cup at all. This of course worried me about the durability of the thing.

So I cut right to the chase and asked a few students to teep me directly, as well as knee and kick me. Not accidentally, but deliberately. I had to pressure them into doing it. “I want you to teep me in the cup!”. The result? Nothing. Nothing happened. No movement or sliding, no impact registered. I was fine. This cup works! I even hit pads the past few days and haven’t noticed a single impediment when wearing it.

So as someone who use to laugh off the idea of my old steel cup being replaced, I am now convinced. The traditional solid steel Thai groin cup has been retired, the Lo-Bloo is now the only one I’ll wear at this point. If you are not convinced you can get one and try it out for yourself,  I guarantee you will not find a more comfortable and sturdy groin cup.  Check it out here at Competitive Ace

Episode 22 – Gaston Bolaños

In this episode of The Striking Corner, Vinny & Eric speak with rising Muay Thai star Gaston Bolaños.  Originally from Lima, Peru and now living in California, Gaston is currently on a hot streak since turning pro and currently holds a perfect 4-0 record under the Lion Fight Promotions banner with all wins coming by KO or TKO.  We discuss Gaston’s career since he started Muay Thai at the age of 10, his move to the U.S., his ascent in the sport, and we also talk about fight sports always being full of haters.  Great convo with a very down-to-earth, focused young man with a very bright future in the sport.  Check it out!