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Could Iman Barlow headline Enfusion Live 51 in Canada against Ashley Nichols?

News recently emerged that Dutch kickboxing promotion, Enfusion Live are headed to Canada on July 8, 2017 with further details of the venue for Enfusion Live 51 and the overall fight card, to be announced in due course.

However, Iman Barlow had some very interesting things to say in her post-fight interview after winning the Muay Thai Grand Prix bantamweight title against, Therese Gunnarsson at Ordering Valium“Pretty Killer” thinks she could be facing Canadian fighter, Ashley Nichols in her next fight come July 8.

“Maybe Canada. Enfusion Live in Canada which, would be wicked in July. Then Lion Fight hopefully, return to Lion defend that belt end of July.”

“Its a Canadian girl. Ashley Nichols I think, I think, I think. But obviously she’s Canadian so I’m guessing I think it might be her and she’s returning home from Thailand; and she’s a good fighter and obviously we were together on the ‘Reality’. We didn’t fight each other but we were there together, so we will see.”

The kickboxing and Muay Thai platform for international female fights in the North Americas seems to be building momentum, especially with Valium Rx Online from California, becoming GLORY Kickboxing‘s first female champion; and GLORY Buy Ardin Diazepam multiple world champion, Anissa Meksen.

Both Van Soest and Meksen’s careers enter a very interesting stage this year along with Barlow. All three are widely regarded as three of the very best in their division, with Meksen having a second round stoppage win over “Pretty Killer” in 2014. However, after MTGP 7, she was accused by Iman’s Dad, Mark Barlow, of twice pulling out of rematches with Iman for Enfusion.

Then there’s the beef that’s brewing between Van Soest and Barlow. Tiffany isn’t one to pull her punches when Buy Diazepam Tablets Uk any of her rivals, especially Barlow, after the latter didn’t sign a GLORY contract due to, alleged Cheap Valium Uk between her manager, Edwin Van Os (owner of Enfusion Live) and GLORY, over the proposed terms for fighting under the GLORY banner.

The coming weeks and months seem likely to unfold with some interesting developments for all three women and it will be interesting to see if Barlow vs. Van Soest could possibly happen this year, with their being no restrictions for such a match-up by Enfusion. However, Iman’s contract with Enfusion prevents her from fighting Meksen outside of the Dutch promotion, for reason explained in her post-fight interview.