Bryan Dobler

Episode 92 – Knights of the Round Table

This is it! One of our biggest podcasts to date!

Recorded at the 2019 TBA Classic Muay Thai World Classic in Des Moines, Iowa, Vinny and Eric sit down with a few of the top coaches in the US; Bryan Dobler of Double Dose Muay Thai, Bryan Popejoy of Boxing Works, Danny Brandt of Dan’s Gym, Pete Peterson of the TBA and Roundkick Gym, Stephen Strotmeyer of Pittsburgh Muay Thai, Patrick Rivera of Valor Training Center, Sean Madden of Easton Training Center, and last but not least USMF President, Michael “Chase” Corley of Heritage Muay Thai.

It was a late night round table discussion with some of the top Muay Thai minds in America after a long day of Muay Thai fights. We go all in on the growth of Muay Thai in America…somewhat unfiltered. Enjoy!

Building the American Youth Muay Thai Fight Program

By Galen Okazaki

American Muay Thai has experienced a huge growth in popularity over the past few years. As this has been happening, our stature on the world stage continues to grow as well. American fighters have fought top international talent and held their own. What we continue to see though, especially with the Thai fighters, is the huge disparity in levels of experience. It is not uncommon for an American fighter to take on a Thai fighter who has been fighting since childhood and has ten times the fight experience. The physical talent levels may be equal, but it’s hard for American fighters to compensate for the experience. How do we solve for this? Well in California, Bryan Dobler and others are leading a grass roots movement to develop a program for young Muay Thai practitioners to safely get experience in the ring. It is their hope that this program can be grown and eventually adopted on a national level.

In the case of California, amateur level Muay Thai fights are currently governed by the California State Athletic Commission (CSAC). Many would argue that these amateur level Muay Thai fights actually resemble kick-boxing versus real Muay Thai. No elbows, prajioud or mong kol are allowed. However the CSAC’s reach does not go beyond athletes 15 years of age or younger. This leaves an opening for holding fully sanctioned amateur bouts for youths 15 and younger to be done without the involvement of the CSAC. Bryan Dobler believes that if this is done in a highly organized manner, a universally recognized sanctioning organization, and most importantly with the safety of the participants in mind, young American nak muays can have their chance to safely gain experience in the ring. Read More