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Thai sensations, Thongchai Sitsongpeenong and Petpanomrung Kiatmoo9 sign for GLORY

GLORY Kickboxing continue to add strength to their roster of world class kickboxing talent, by signing up two of Thailand’s most talented young fighters: Thongchai Sitsongpeenong and Petpanomrung Kiatmoo9 – exclusively reported by Ordering Valium.

The addition of two more Thais reinforces GLORY’s intention to establish themselves in both Thailand and Southeast Asia (with Saenchai and Sittichai Sitsongpeenong having already fought for the promotion) as they look to expand their brand of kickboxing across new TV markets in different continents as they had outlined in their post press conference at GLORY 31.

However, Petpanomrung had been tipped for great things especially earlier this year, following a decision victory in May at the Rajadamnern stadium, over Phetmorakot Wor Sungprapai – full fight video below:

The transition from Thai rules to kickboxing shouldn’t pose too much of a problem for Petpanomrung who, has a fighting style that is technically proficient but capable of coming forward aggressively (so hopefully there won’t be any ISKA judging or refereeing controversies on his GLORY debut).

As for Thongchai who, fights out of the same gym as GLORY’s world lightweight champion, Sitthichai (hence, Sitsongpeenong is their second name and is quite common for Thais to publicise their gym affiliation in this manner), he is only 20 years of age; whereas Petpanomrung is apparently 22/23 years old.

Thai boxing purists will know too well that Thongchai became a Lumpinee stadium champion at the age of 18 and one month later would knock out Khayal Dzhaniev (one of only a few men in the world to have Valium Rx Online); and if that wasn’t enough for any ‘noob’ of a kickboxing fan to take him seriously, Thongchai would then go on to defeat French-Italian Muay Thai legend, Fabio Pinca, a year later too.

Below is a recent fight of Thongchai vs Adrien Rubis (at Topking World Series – TK7):

Both of the above Thais will undoubtedly raise the bar of competition within GLORY who, have have been strongly criticised by fans in recent years, for the questionable ways in which some but not all of their kickboxers (lack much or any professional kickboxing experience), have managed to develop a career on the ‘world’s number one’ kickboxing promotion.

Petpanomrung is expected to fight at featherweight where, Buy Ardin Diazepam is the current GLORY featherweight champion (having regained the title from Serhiy Adamchuck at GLORY 32). Whereas Thongchai is expected to fight at welterweight and it will be very interesting to see if and when he can secure a title fight with GLORY’s undisputed welterweight champion, Neiky Holzken.

Two other fighters that have also been newly signed-up by GLORY (but are not Thais) are: Adel Ekvall Halila from Sweden and Konstantin Khuzin from Russia.

Adel Ekvall Halila v Abdou Karim Chorr 2

Adel Ekvall Halila v Abdou Karim Chorr 2

An interesting fact about Adel Ekvall Halila (apart from being technically good in all departments and competent in both orthodox and southpaw stances) is that in 2015, he was runner-up to another kickboxing Swede in the GLORY lightweight division, Buy Diazepam Tablets Uk. The two had previously met in the WKN Scandinavian (4-man tournament) final last year and Chorr who, won his GLORY Kickboxing debut at GLORY 29 in April, hasn’t fought since then. So, perhaps a (second) rematch between the two Swedes (they are 1-1 against each other) in the near future (on a European card) could be in the works as a potential decider between the two – similar to Murthel Groenhart and Nieky Holzken Cheap Valium Uk?

As for Konstantin Khuzin, the Russian is expected to fight at welterweight; and comes from a strong Thai boxing background like fellow countrymen, Artem Vahitov (GLORY’s current light-heavyweight champion) and former GLORY middleweight champion, Artem Levin who, no longer fights for the promotion after Buy Valium By Roche 10Mg in recent times, forfeited the rematch with Simon Marcus at GLORY 27.

Khuzin had recently fought (but lost a decision) on the Tatneft Cup show against Nikolay Lushin:

Do you think GLORY are improving the overall level of competition by signing up more Thais or do they need to a lot more then this, especially in appealing to new fans in the North Americas? Let us know in the comments below (and don’t forget to Real Valium Online from the world of kickboxing too).

Glory 27 Chicago – RESULTS & PHOTOS

Glory 27 took place last night Friday, February 26th at the Sears Center Arena in Chicago. The card featured a few match ups that were highly anticipated by die hard Kickboxing fans. The first hotly anticipated bout was that of Joe Schilling vs Mike Lemaire. Joe Schilling announced last week that he would be fighting for Bellator MMA’s new Kickboxing promotion aptly named Bellator Kickboxing. With that said Schilling still had two fights left on his Glory contract and thus took a fight with San Diego’s (by way of Paris, France) Mike Lemaire.

The other main draw of the night was the rematch between Simon “Bad Boy” Marcus and Artem “The Lion” Levin for the Glory Middlewight World Title. Marcus got the W over Levin under Muay Thai rules at Lion Fight 9 in 2013 but when Marcus and Levin met again under Glory Rules last year the two middleweight stars fought to a controversial draw that somewhat caused some bad blood between the two. The Glory 27 main event was supposed to be the opportunity for the two to finally settle the bad blood in the ring. In our opinion it did nothing to put the controversy to rest. Overzealous reffing by Al Wichgers caused the main event to turn into a spectacle. Wichgers gave Levin a standing 8 count after being thrown out of the ring by Simon Marcus, and then deducted 2 points from Levin for excessive clinching although in reality both fighters were guilty of excessive clinching, holding, catching each others legs, etc…

After Wichgers deducted the second point, Levin decided to call it quits and thus pretty much handed over the Glory Middleweight title to Simon Marcus. We don’t fault Glory or the fighters for what transpired, it was just the strangest outcome we have seen for what was a highly anticipated rematch between two of world’s best middleweight fighters.

As of this writing, we don’t know the details of Levin’s Glory contract but we believe it’s safe to say Levin may not be entering the Glory ring again anytime soon.

With that said, the night also featured a middleweight contender tournament wear Dustin Jacoby once again showed that he has truly become a dangerous fighter in the middleweight division after defeating newcomer Karl Roberson and the always tough Wayne Barrett en route to become the contender tournament champion.

With Levin’s situation seemingly unknown and Joe Schilling with only one fight left on his Glory contract after his win over Mike Lemaire, it seems that Dustin Jacoby should be the next in line to challenge for the Glory Middleweight World Title.

All in all, Glory 27 was an exciting night of fights capped off once again by a strange occurrence. Below are the full results of the event as well as pictures taken by Glory’s official photographer, James Law.


Middleweight Title: Simon Marcus def. Artem Levin by DQ (Levin refused to continue) in Rd. 3
Finals: Dustin Jacoby def. Wayne Barrett by KO in Rd. 2
Giga Chikadze def. Kevin VanNostrand by Unanimous Decision
Semifinal: Dustin Jacoby def. Karl Roberson by KO in Rd. 3
Semifinal: Wayne Barrett def. Robert Thomas by Unanimous Decision


Joe Schilling def. Mike Lemaire by Unanimous Decision
Anderson Silva def. Maurice Greene by Unanimous Decision
Guto Inocente def. Demoreo Dennis by KO in Rd. 1
Richard Abraham def. Pawel Jedrzejczyk by Unanimous Decision
Casey Greene def. Daniel Morales by Unanimous Decision

Glory 21 Results, Artem retains belt amid controversy, Vigney wins tournament.

Glory 21 has come and gone and like many combat sports events these days, it did not end without its fair share of controversy. The Spike TV broadcast began at 11 pm EST/9 pm PT, and many of the fights with the main event being the only exception, were a bit of a mismatch

The heavyweight qualifier tournament was really always going to have a Xavier Vigney vs. Chi Lewis-Parry final. In the semi-finals of the tournament both Lewis-Parry and Vigney dispatched their opponents with ease. Vigney knocked out a seemingly unprepared Maurice Jackson. Jackson came into the fight with a 31-0 record but it looked like he had never taken a leg kick in his entire career as a single leg kick by Vigney already had him looking for the exit signs. A right cross by Vigney was the beginning of the end as the big man folded and a few Vigney uppercuts had him turning his back and trying to avoid more punishment. With Jackson offering no semblance of defense, the referee had no choice but to stop the fight. Vigney wins the bout by KO in Rd. 1

In the other heavyweight tournament semi-final, Demoreo Dennis connected early with a stiff cross that let Chi Lewis-Parry know he was in a fight but eventually Parry found a home for his punches and landed a hard right cross towards the middle of the first round to end the fight for good. Lewis-Parry wins the bout by KO in Rd.1

Before the tournament final and main event, Glory’s “human highlight reel” Raymond Daniels, faced off with an overmatched Justin Baesman, a 16-7 MMA fighter making his kickboxing debut. Baesman had no answer for Daniels’ arsenal of whirlwind like attacks. Daniels spun his way to yet another victory as he caught Baesman with a spinning heel kick to the liver that had the kickboxing debutante grimacing in pain. He tried to answer the count but could not. Daniels wins the bout by KO in Round 1.

In the heavyweight tournament final, Xavier Vigney and “Chopper” Chi Lewis-Parry would finally be able to settle the animosity that had built up after a bit of shoving at the weigh-ins. Both big men came out firing but Vigney had the better head movement and was able to avoid most of Lewis-Parry’s heavier shots. Both fighters were looking for the knockout but it looked as if Vigney was the man with the better gas tank. Lewis-Parry was no doubt looking for yet another first round knockout but when he couldn’t find it early, he began to look frustrated and winded. As both men went to their corners after Round 1, Vigney looked the fresher of the two. In round 2, both fighters were once again looking for the KO but Lewis-Parry was gassed. A big right by Vigney hurt Lewis-Parry, Vigney swarmed and landed a big body shot that ended the fight. Xavier Vigney wins the tournament final by KO in Rd. 2

After a main card full of KO’s and some pretty uneven match ups, it was time for the main event. This was the fight everyone had really come to watch. Canada’s Simon “Bad Boy” Marcus versus Russia’s Artem “The Lion” Levin. Much to everyone’s surprise, the fight played out a lot like their previous encounter under the Lion Fight Productions banner. Levin did a great job of slipping punches and avoiding Marcus’ attack but surprsingly, Levin clinched and held Marcus’ after pretty much every exchange. However, this was not a Muay Thai fight and the referee had to continue to remind Levin of that. Marcus scored well with body kicks, a couple of head kicks, and some big knees throughout the fight, Levin was clearly the better boxer with crisp head movement and accuracy in his punches, but he kept holding. In Round 3, the ref deducted a point for Levin’s propensity to clinch with Marcus.

Regardless of the point deduction, Levin fought roughly the same for the remainder of the bout. It seemed as if Marcus’ had pushed the pace enough to win the fight and the point deduction surely would guarantee Marcus’ the win. It would not be so. A score of 48-46 for Marcus and two scores of 47-47 made the fight a majority draw and Artem Levin would keep his Glory middleweight belt. Simon took to the mic and called the decision “bullshit”, while Artem complained that the referee’s decision robbed him of a win.

The confusion surrounding the decision will most likely set up an electric rematch with a Simon Marcus who will now be pretty angry and determined to beat an Artem Levin that he no doubt already believes he beat twice. Meanwhile, Joe Schilling will be chomping at the bit to get his rubber match with Levin as their current record versus one another stands at 1-1. But Filip Verlinden is surely looking to show the current trident at the top that he might have something to say about who will be the next Glory Middleweight Champion of the world. It will be interesting to see what Glory will do with the middleweight match ups in the near future.

Artem Levin vs. Simon Marcus, Majority Draw
Heavyweight Final: Xavier Vigney def. Chi Lewis Parry, KO R2 1:50
Raymond Daniels def. Justin Baesman, KO R1 0:51
Heavyweight Semifinal: Chi Lewis Parry def. Demoreo Dennis, KO R1 1:40
Heavyweight Semifinal: Xavier Vigney def. Maurice Jackson, KO R1 1:32

Mike Lemaire def. Casey Greene, UD
Giga Chikadze def. Ken Tran, KO R3 2:19
Maurice Greene def. Ashley Epps, KO R1 2:12
Manny Mancha def. Andre Walker, KO R3
Omari Boyd def. Chris Carradus, Maj. Dec.

Watch Glory 21 Here! (Only for fans outside the U.S.)

Catch all the action of Glory 21 here! This livestream broadcast is brought to you by EverSport and is only available for Striking Corner fans outside of the U.S. and the former Yugoslavia. Catch all the action from the Glory 21 main card including the Glory middleweight title fight between Artem Levin and Simon Marcus, right here, for $9.99!

Please enable Javascript to watch this video

Episode 19 – Simon Marcus

Simon Marcus will be fighting for the Glory middleweight world title on Friday May 8th. However, before he can put that coveted belt around his waist, Simon will have to defeat one of the best middleweight kickboxers in the world and current champion, Artem “The Lion” Levin.  But Marcus is unfazed by Levin and feels that his advantages in this fight will be “everywhere” and that Levin will have “no advantages”.  He promises an absolutely “dynamic” performance en route to being crowned the new Glory middleweight champion. 

Relive Glory 17 & Last Man Standing – PHOTOS

Our very own Muay Thai is Life photographer Chad Hill was on hand at was without a doubt the biggest kickboxing event in US history, Glory 17 and the Last Man Standing 8-man middleweight tournament. The night included some crazy knockouts, redemption, upsets and more! Enjoy!