America At A Glance – Highlighting Muay Thai in America

TSC presents “Profiles in American Muay Thai” Vol. 10 presents Eddie Walker

We are all looking for our calling. We are all looking for that one profession, talent, or activity where as if by some form of divine intervention, we can simply excel and perform better than others and are happy doing it. Some spend their entire lives looking for their “calling” and fail to find it. Often times we settle for what society tells us is right for us and give up searching for what really makes us feel alive. Many times we find our calling by chance.

Atlanta-based Muay Thai fighter Eddie Walker found his calling because after years of exercise and weightlifting he found himself still unable to get the results he was seeking. Five years ago, while trying to stay in shape he walked into Knuckle Up Fitness in Atlanta, Georgia and began taking Muay Thai classes. After a few months of training at Knuckle Up Fitness, Eddie caught the eye of professional Muay Thai fighter, Anthony Nieves. Impressed by his power and natural talent, Nieves asked Eddie if he had ever given fighting a thought.

This chance encounter would be the beginning of a new journey for Eddie. A journey that has taken him from fighting at local promotions such as Bangkok Fight Night in Atlanta, traveling all the way to Macedonia and representing the US on the Enfusion kickboxing reality show, and finally a shot at facing one of America’s current kickboxing superstars, Joe “Stich’Em Up” Schilling at Lion Fight Promotions’ “Lion Fight 7: Schilling vs. Walker”

When I asked Eddie about his upcoming bout with Schilling Read More

TSC presents “Profiles in American Muay Thai” Vol. 9 – Glen Spencer Jr.

“In this country, you gotta make the money first. Then when you get the money, you get the power. Then when you get the power, then you get the women.” – Tony Montana

by Nathan Aripez of

Money, power, women, that was something Glen Spencer Jr. lived by when he was running drugs in the streets of Raleigh, North Carolina. Spencer originally attended Shaw University to study accounting, however, a run in with his roommate led to his expulsion, which in turn led him to, as he put it, become a “French Montana style Coke Boy getting money. $300,000 in 6 months.”

“It started when I got kicked out of college for fighting. My roommate who pulled a gun on me,” Spencer said. “I took the gun from him and whooped the holly s— out of him.”

Out of college and not sure what direction to go in, Spencer’s cousins brought him into the dope game. Along with his cousins, Spencer helped control the Dacian Road section of Raleigh and was living the good life. It was like Tony Montana had said; the money came first, followed by the power and then the women. Although Spencer should have also paid attention to another quote uttered by Al Pacino, this time in the Godfather: Part II, “keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.” Read More