Eric Rivera


My name is Eric Rivera. In 2005, my training partner Vinny Scotto and I created Florida Sanshou & Muay Thai (FSMT). Our goal at the beginning was simple; create a website to help promote our local Sanshou team that was competing throughout Florida. The company slowly grew from promoting Sanshou in Florida, to promoting both Sanshou and Muay Thai in Florida. And from promoting Sanshou and Muay Thai fighters from our own gym, to promoting and following the careers of our fighting friends nationwide.  Ever since my first trip to Thailand, I knew Muay Thai would be an important part of my life forever. During training sessions, speaking with friends, and posting on Facebook, Twitter, etc…I tended to repeat one phrase constantly; That phrase was “Muay Thai is Life”. For me, my business partners, and all of those I have met in this sport, Muay Thai is far more than a combat sport, it is a way of life. Therefore the name of our site once again changed from FSMT to Muay Thai is Life.

Since our humble beginnings in 2005, we have traveled to many places, met a lot of great people, been inspired by hundreds of incredible fighters, and become even more obsessed with the sports of Muay Thai, Kickboxing, and Sanshou. Our goal now is to take Muay Thai is Life in a new direction. I have always wanted to help promote Muay Thai and Kickboxing in the U.S.  With the explosion of MMA, Muay Thai and Kickboxing have enjoyed a revitalized popularity.  However, most people see Muay Thai and Kickboxing as simply an art that comprises the sport we now refer to as MMA or Mixed Martial Arts, failing to realize that Muay Thai and Kickboxing are in themselves incredibly exciting sports that with the right promotion can stand on their own and entertain many a combat sport enthusiast.

I decided that my goal was to make a site and podcast that would follow as much of the global Muay Thai and Kickboxing scene as possible, while still largely focusing and promoting the great North American fighters that are leading the way and putting U.S. and Canadian Muay Thai & Kickboxing on the map. A site where all kickboxing news would be posted in as timely a manner as possible to keep Muay Thai, Kickboxing, and MMA fans up to date. Besides news, I wanted to create a site that contained interviews with important people in the Muay Thai & Kickboxing community, as well as articles that would interest all Muay Thai & Kickboxing fans and connect them with what I feel is the “culture and lifestyle” of combat sports.

This isn’t a journey I plan on taking alone. I plan on having good friends, as passionate about the sport as myself, writing articles and posting news stories about all Muay Thai and Kickboxing events from around the world. And with them I want to create a place fighters and their fan can call home, a place they can trust, a place where they can find news, videos, media, and all things related to the fighting culture.  Your niche in in the fighting world, a corner.  THE STRIKING CORNER!

Welcome to The Striking Corner, formerly known as Muay Thai is Life.

Vinny Scotto


My name is  Vinny Scotto. I am the owner and head coach of Staten Island Muay Thai in Staten Island, New York. I began training Sanshou in 2005 when I moved to Florida from New York and was looking for something to help me stay in shape.  At first, I simply began training as a form of exercise and really wasn’t interested in the fighting aspect of the sport. But as I began training with the fighters in our gym and started accompanying them to events, they became like a second family and I found myself getting more and more interested in the fighting aspect of martial arts.  However, it wasn’t just the competition I enjoyed, I simply liked training with the fighters, helping them improve, while I also improved.  I liked being part of the team.  All of us helping each other grow.

I met Eric Rivera while training Sanshou in Florida, and we both felt that the sport needed more exposure in the state of Florida.  So we started Florida Sanshou, a website dedicated to promoting the sport and our gym’s Sanshou team in Florida.  During a national competition we got a chance to watch a few fights in the Muay Thai division and were immediately impressed.  We both began training Muay Thai along with Sanshou and decided to promote both sports on our website calling it Florida Sanshou & Muay Thai (FSMT).  As the Sanshou scene seemed to come to a stand still in Florida and Muay Thai began to take off, we began to train more and more Muay Thai and felt that we were limiting ourselves by only looking at the Muay Thai scene in Florida.  So we evolved into Muay Thai is Life, a website focused on promoting Muay Thai news, culture, and lifestlye all over the U.S. and the world.

Now we have reached what we feel is our final stage of evolution.  This long journey that started in 2005, somewhere inside a gym in Florida has now evolved into what we hope will be a one stop shop for all things Muay Thai and Kickboxing.  As the sport has evolved and continues to evolve, so have we.  And our goal is to help Muay Thai and Kickboxing make waves in America.  Whether you are looking for news, videos, or articles about training and diet, we will be your little corner in the vast landscape that is the internet.  If you are as passionate about Muay Thai and Kickboxing as we are, this is your corner.  This is OUR corner.  This is The Striking Corner.

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