Pictures from Battle in the Desert 3 by MTL’s Galen Okazaki – UPDATED

Muay Thai is Life’s photographer, Galen Okazaki is an artistic dude. He decided to shy away from taking the usual fight pictures and go for something with more soul, more grit, and more overall feeling. He decided to say, “Fight pictures with color? That’s been done to death!” and then proceeded to get some epic black & white shots of Lion Fight Promotions’ Battle in the Desert 3 this past Saturday, August 20th. One of his shots -an incredible shot of Joe Schilling knocking Brandon Banda into an altered level of consciousness- made photo of the week; not only on our website but also on the website of our friendly rivals at Muay Thai Authority. Here are some of his top pics from the event. I don’t know if these are all of them since Galen is a mysterious ninja-like character that keeps a lot of things secret from me, but either way they just reek of badassery and you would be a fool not to agree. Enjoy!

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