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As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. And nothing I write in this article right now will do Take On Productions and MSG Sports “Muay Thai at the Mecca” any justice. It was truly an amazing event full of electricity and emotion. Every fighter in the ring that night knew what a solid performance meant in the long run. They were part of history. It was the first time a Muay Thai event would ever be held at Madison Square Garden. In front of a sold out crowd of 3000+ fans, the city of New York would once again be making combat sports history. And for Muay Thai fans, fervent and some would say religiously devout to their sport, it was a beautiful moment to see that, for once, our sport…a true traditional martial art built specifically for combat, was on display in its purest form including the traditions of fighters wearing the mongkon, prajoud, and performing the wai kru before the bout. The fights were not contested in a cage, or as part of some MMA event, but all on their own. And while the event did not have the likes of Kevin Ross, Fabio Pinca, Buakaw Pro Pramuk, Saenchai Sor Kingstar, or any other Muay Thai greats you can think of, stepping into the ring that night; It is but a first step in a long journey to bring Muay Thai to the forefront of the combat sports craze here in America. And on this night, young up and coming amateur talents such as Prairie Rugilo, Nick Vaughn, Freddie Cheung, Rudy Felix, and many more had their moment to showcase why they too can and will be the future stars of our sport. And for up and coming pros such as Brett Hlavacek, Brian Collette, Sean Hinds, Rigel Balsamico, Ryan Madigan, it was definitely either a highlight of their young and burdgeoning pro careers or a beautiful and appropriate way to say goodbye to the sport they love and have devoted their lives too.

With that said below are the results and few photos taken by our good friend Steve Ferdman a.k.a. Bauzen showcasing the historic action that took place this past weekend. Enjoy! Also if you did not get a chance to catch the event you can always catch it on demand at GFL.tv


Ryan Madigan def. Rigel Balsamico by TKO in Rd. 1
Brian Collette def. Marcus Taylor by KO in Rd. 1
Sean Hinds and DeShawn Robinson declared a Majority Draw
Eric Ruiz def. Anthony Demaio by Unanimous Decision
Brett Hlavacek def. Chris Clodfelter by KO in Rd. 1

Delroy McCoy def. Vinny Hui by Majority Decision
Ariel Abreu def. Steven Hernandez by Majority Decision
Nick Vaughn def. Brian Hutchings by KO in Rd. 3
Rudy Felix def. Connelly Ward by Unanimous Decision
Freddy Cheung def. Andrilo Suarez by Unanimous Decision
Joey Hernandez def. Brandon Poindexter by TKO in Rd. 2
Rich Brattole def. Evaristo Hernandez by TKO (Hernandez could not answer bell for Rd. 3)
Chris Mauceri def. Tim Schmeier by Unanimous Decision
Prairie Rugilo def. Angie Babel by Majority Decision