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Buy Roche Diazepam Uk, Order Roche Valium Online

Charlie Peters and Iman Barlow both showed that champions do what champions do and that’s win with solid performances to their defend their world titles at, Muay Thai Grand Prix 7 on April 1, 2017 at the O2 Indigo, London.

Peters who, is overdue a Lion Fight title-shot following his KO win against Nauzet Trujillo at Valium Antenex Buy Online Australia, would defeat Theo Michailidis with a fourth round TKO. The Greek fighter was almost stopped by “Charlie Boy” towards the end of the third round but managed to recover from being knocked-down in the dying seconds, only for the fight to be waived off by Michailidis’s coach, Buy Msj Valium Uk, in the fourth round after another onslaught from Peters.

The victory sets-up an epic clash for Peters against the UK’s number one ranked 65kg Muay Thai fighter and Yokkao world champion, Ordering Valium at MTGP 9 on July 15. The fight has been several years in the making and will headline the much anticipated event.

Lion Fight and Enfusion Live world champion, Valium Rx Online added the MTGP women’s bantemweight title to her trophy cabinet, with a fifth round KO win against, Buy Ardin Diazepam. The two had fought before in March 2015 with “Pretty Killer” having won their first encounter by decision, However, this time round, Iman ensured it wasn’t left for the judges with a powerful display against a resilient and competitive Gunnarsson.

Buy Diazepam Tablets Uk who, had won by decision against Asa Ten Pow at Cheap Valium Uk, secured an unanimous decision victory against Julian Ariza last night too. As you may or may not recall, Lieu is also another British Muay Thai fighter that has secured himself a Lion Fight title-shot via the promotional partnerships between the two promotions and it will be interesting to see when he will making the trip across the Atlantic this year.

Muay Thai Grand Prix 7 – Results:

59kg MTGP world championship defence:
Jose Varela def. Rung Kharnphan via unanimous decision

53.5kg MTGP world championship, title fight:
Iman Barlow def. Therese Gunnarsson via TKO (rd 5)

66.7kg MTGP world championship defence:
Charlie Peters def. Theo Michailidis via TKO (rd 4)

63kg ISKA European title fight:
Carlton Lieu def. Julian Ariza via unanimous decision

52.5kg ISKA European title fight:
Luciano Mendola def. Evan Jays via split decision

67kg ISKA European title fight:
Michael Pham def. Shane O’Neill via unanimous decision

Paul Barber def. Alex Dass via KO (rd 1)

Bart Tweed def. Reiya via majority decision

Ryan Li def. Leon Jason via unanimous decision

Nicolas Mendes def. Jesus Arias via KO (rd 2)

James Toomey def. Daniel Terry via unanimous decision

Jenna Ross def. Kelly Haynes via unanimous decision

Phil Casper def. Fabio Agius via unanimous decision

About the Author
Anoop Hothi also known as K1ANOOP, is a combat sports writer based in the UK (with a keen eye for K1/Thai rules) and the host of the K1ANOOP podcast. Having initially trained in sport kickboxing as a child, K1ANOOP returned to kickboxing in his adulthood and made the transition from sport kickboxing to K1 rules and Thai boxing. Being a kickboxing martial artist intrigued with improving himself and studying more about the technical aspects of the ‘striking arts’, K1ANOOP started his own blog in 2015 which, swiftly lead to opportunities to write professionally about combat sports for various digital platforms. You can follow K1ANOOP on Buy Valium London, Valium Online Uk Review, Buy Medication Diazepam, Snapchat and Buy Cheap Valium Online.

Buy Roche Diazepam Uk, Order Roche Valium Online