More Photos from M1 Grand Muay Thai Championships: Daniel Kim vs Carlos Ramirez & Coke Chunhawat vs Tetsuya Yamato

The following pictures are the final pictures taken of the pro bouts at this past weekend’s M1 Grand Muay Thai Championship in Los Angeles, California. Pictured are the bouts between Daniel Kim and Carlos Ramirez, as well as the bout between Coke Chunhawat and Tetsuya Yamato. All photos were taken by our very own Galen Okazaki. If you wish to see pictures of the Amateur fights of the night, Galen Okazaki will be posting them on his West Coast Muay Thai Facebook page soon. Be sure to like the page and show Galen your support for all he does to bring you images of the best Muay Thai action on the west coast!

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