Lo-Bloo product review – The Thai cup, Reimagined

I’m a natural skeptic and a scientist vocationally. So, when I hear anecdotes and unempirical accounts about nearly everything, I’m dubious until testing myself. When the new groin guard system called Lo-Bloo was being distributed by Competitive ACE, I initially balked. For over a year, in fact. I saw one at the 2014 Thai Boxing Sanctioning Authority’s Annual Muay Thai Classic at the vendor’s area and scoffed. Anthony Salcedo pitched it to me (Lo-Bloo promised added safety & comfort and hygiene compared to my traditional steel cup), yet I dismissed him, much to my later chagrin.

Recently, Anthony sent me one for testing, not from a fighter’s perspective, but as a trainer and padman. I routinely get kneed, teeped and kicked in the cup everyday in the gym. From seasoned professionals to the greenest novice, it happens. For years I’ve worn a steel cup, and just shake it off as very few of the low blows really register.

The Lo-Bloo protector, once adjusting, was instantly more comfortable. It is a much lighter cup with vents, so there was air-flow that you don’t have with the traditional solid steel Thai cup. Room to breathe, so to speak. 15 minutes of rope and shadowboxing to warm-up and felt like I wasn’t wearing a cup at all. This of course worried me about the durability of the thing.

So I cut right to the chase and asked a few students to teep me directly, as well as knee and kick me. Not accidentally, but deliberately. I had to pressure them into doing it. “I want you to teep me in the cup!”. The result? Nothing. Nothing happened. No movement or sliding, no impact registered. I was fine. This cup works! I even hit pads the past few days and haven’t noticed a single impediment when wearing it.

So as someone who use to laugh off the idea of my old steel cup being replaced, I am now convinced. The traditional solid steel Thai groin cup has been retired, the Lo-Bloo is now the only one I’ll wear at this point. If you are not convinced you can get one and try it out for yourself,  I guarantee you will not find a more comfortable and sturdy groin cup.  Check it out here at Competitive Ace

About the Author
Stephen Strotmeyer is the Head Trainer at Kaay Muay Sit-Kangmongkorn in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. Stephen has over fifteen years of experience as a notable Muaythai fighter holding the titles of WKA US Muaythai Featherweight, WKA US Amateur Kickboxing Lightweight, USKBA Lightweight Amateur Muaythai, Battlegrounds Muaythai Lightweight East Coast, & USMTA Midwest Lightweight Muaythai Champion. Having retired from professional fighting in 2007, he has focused on training and growing the sport of Muaythai on the east coast as a coach and official.

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