Kevin Ross is our “Featured Fighter of The Month” – Check out our recent phone interview with Kevin here!

Kevin Ross is without a doubt (in our minds at least) the best Muay Thai fighter in the U.S. at the moment. When foreign fighters are asked about the state of Muay Thai in the U.S., they consistently bring up one name and that is Kevin “The Soul Assassin” Ross. Kevin’s exciting, aggressive, yet technical style is a big reason why the U.S. Muay Thai scene is gaining respect worldwide. Never one to back down from a fight, Kevin has consistently stepped in the ring against tough opposition and has consistently put on impressive performances. Kevin currently trains out of the Throwdown Training Center in Las Vegas, Nevada and is the current WBC International Muay Thai champion at 140 lbs and also owns a USMF national title. Kevin Ross is Muay Thai is Life’s Featured Fighter for the month of October.

We recently caught up with Kevin (and by caught up I mean we called him) and talked about his recent battle with one of the best fighters in the world, Saenchai Sinbimuaythai and his upcoming bout with the last man to defeat Saenchai, Sakkedao Petchpayathai on October 21st at M-One Grand’s “USA vs. Thailand” event in Los Angeles, California. Kevin also speaks about some other interesting issues and his position as one of America’s best nakmuays.

It is a great and interesting interview with Kevin and we are honored to have him as our featured fighter this month.

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