Muay Thai is Life speaks with Joe Schilling about his upcoming bout at M-One Grand!

There is no doubt that Joe “Stich’em Up” Schilling is one of the rising stars in the American Muay Thai scene. There is also no doubt in our mind that he is a star in the making on the international scene as well. With a devastating and aggressive style that often times leaves his opponents face down on the canvas or bloodied up due to one of his vicious elbow strikes, Schilling is the real deal. Besides his exciting style in the ring, Schilling has an equally interesting persona outside the ring. A straight talking, no BS type of guy, he pulls no punches and says what he feels no matter if people like it or not. Some people may love him, some people may hate him, but the bottom line is that when Schilling talks people listen.

He has a polarizing personality, a violent and entertaining fight style, and a great back story; qualities that many sports greats, past and present, have possessed. Its if for this reason that we believe that Joe “Stich’em Up” Schilling may be a fighter that helps bring Muay Thai in America out of its niche status and gets others in the country to stand up and take notice of the sport we all know and love. Schilling may not want all this responsibility or even the “STAR” title -he doesn’t seem to be too much of a limelight craving individual- but it is exactly for this reason that he can and will bring the sport to new heights if he keeps performing the way he does. All he has to do is keep being himself and fans will love him for it.

In the following interview, Muay Thai is Life’s west coast director and photographer, Galen Okazaki speaks with Joe Schilling about his upcoming fight against Kaoklai Kaennorasing at M-One Grand‘s October 21st event at Club Nokia in Los Angeles as well as a couple of changes he gave us the EXCLUSIVE on. This card is going to be nuts!

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