MTiL interviews Joe Schilling about his bout with Simon Marcus – Training Pictures – Battle in the Desert Fight Card!

So much has been said already about Lion Fight Promotions upcoming “Battle in the Desert “5 event on February 25th, that as a newly coined “Muay Thai Journalist”, I have found it difficult to conjure up anything new and exciting to bring to the masses that hasn’t otherwise already been said somewhere on the “internetz”. And just whenIi thought I was fresh out of new ideas, MTiL’s intrepid West Coast director, Galen Okazaki calls me up and tells me that he is heading to The Yard in Los Angeles to snap a couple of training pictures of Joe “Stich’Em Up” Schilling and do a short interview with him. My reaction to such news can best be described by using Charlie “Tiger Blood” Sheen’s now iconic phrase: “Winning!”

So with all that said, below you will find our most recent interview with Joe Schilling as he discusses his upcoming fight with Canada’s Simon Marcus and responds to some of the things Marcus said in his interview with Greg Boasberg at

Needless to say, as our good friend and contributor John Wolcott indicated on our MTiL Facebook Page (Like Us!)that “if you guys aren’t excited about this fight, you might not have a pulse!”. Well said, John, well said.

Echoing, John’s sentiments, this truly is going to be, not only one of the biggest and most anticipated bouts this year, but the entire card of Lion Fight Promotions “Battle in the Desert 5” is going to be, up until now, the year’s best card. And being that we are only in February, that is a good sign of things to come for the U.S. Muay Thai Community in 2012!

Here is the full pro fight card for Battle in the Desert 5:
Joe Schilling vs. Simon Marcus
Chaz Mulkey vs. Gregory Choplin
Coke Chunhawat vs. Matt Embree
Jose Palacios vs. Shane Oblonsky
Vivian Leung vs. Tiffany Van Soest
Scotty Leffler vs. Sheldon Gaines
Anthony Castrejon vs. Francisco Barragan

And now without further ado Mr. Joe Schilling:

Pictures of Joe Schilling training for his upcoming bout with Simon Marcus – Photos by Galen Okazaki


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