Jeff Dojillo’s “Into the Fight” Vol. 3 presents Joe Schilling

M-One Grand Muay Thai, MTAA, and Jeff Dojillo Photography bring you the final installment of their fantastic “Into the Fight” series, brought to you once again by Muay Thai is Life. In this episode the series highlights none other than rising American Muay Thai superstar Joe “Stich’em Up” Schilling. As Joe himself explains in this video, he can be somewhat of a polarizing character. For some he may seem a little uncouth or disrespectful, yet for others he’s just the straight-talking, no BS, and quintessential tough guy that says what he feels and backs it up in the ring. As Joe prepares to face Kaoklai this upcoming weekend (Friday, Oct. 21st) at M-One Grand Muay Thai’s “USA vs Thailand” event, many may want to see the aggressive and exciting American fighter lose, while others will want to see him continue to rise up the ranks. Whatever your stance is in regards to Schilling, he definitely puts in work and always looks to win in devastating fashion. He puts people in seats and attracts viewers anytime an interview with him is posted on the web.

As the sport of Muay Thai continues it’s growth in the U.S., Schilling is exactly the type of fighter the sport needs to attract mainstream fans. He can play the role of both “hero” or “heel” very well but he also attracts fans because his style of fighting is non-stop, explosive, and entertaining. He is, in essence, a promoters dream.

Joe faces his toughest test to date as he squares off with Thailand’s “Giant Killer”, Kaoklai Kaennorasing this weekend, but as someone who follows this sport consistently, I have to say that if any of you are counting Joe out in this fight, you are sadly mistaken. Joe has the skills, the power, and the determination to put a world of hurt on the wiry Kaoklai. This is definitely a fight to watch no matter whether you are a Joe Schilling fan or not. And well as Joe says in the video below, whether you love him or hate him, he wants you to watch him fight anyway!

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