Jeff Dojillo presents “Inside the Fight – USA vs Thailand” Vol. 4 – Schilling vs. Kaennorasing

This past week, Jeff Dojillo and his crew at Jeff Dojillo Photography brought us the final installment of their fantastic “Inside the Fight – USA vs Thailand” series. In this episode, the series highlighted the fight between Joe Schilling and Kaoklai Kaennorasing. Joe Schilling has rapidly become a superstar in the U.S. For many of his close friends, students, fans, and teammates he is a hero. For his detractors, he is a man you love to hate. Schilling pulls no punches when it comes to predictions before a fight and/or giving opinions about fighters he has no love for or Muay Thai publications (or writers) that he doesn’t like. But love him or hate him. Joe is a wrecking machine when he gets in the ring. Decimating opponents with a combination of unstoppable aggression and “make you crap your pants” intimidation.

Joe Schilling’s biggest win to date, has without a doubt been his absolute destruction of Kaoklai Kaennorasing at the M-One “USA vs Thailand” event. The lead up and after math depicted here in volume 4 of Jeff Dojillo’s fantastic “Inside the Fight” series. Jeff Dojillo truly paved the way for both us and a many other aspiring Muay Thai film makers to use film as medium for showcasing our love for the sport. Because if mass media won’t cover the sport and hop onboard the excitement, our community has plenty of talented people willing to put some great things together in order to push the sport forward. So without further ado, support Jeff Dojillo’s “Inside the Fight Series” and check out their previous episodes by viewing them on our MTiL official Youtube channel or Jeff Dojillo Photography’s official Youtube channel…and watch episode four below!

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