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Indian Valium Online, Order Generic Valium Online

by Drew Winkler


Weight: 10 Oz’s

Colors: Blue and red

Material: 100% premium Cowhide Leather

Closure: Velcro

Handmade in Thailand (HMIT)

Retail price: $109.99


Combat Corner was founded in 2007 by former professional MMA fighter Dan LaSavage. Since then, it has become one of the top manufacturers in martial arts equipment, sponsoring the likes of Jeremy Stephens, Ricardo Lamas, and Ben Askren. They take great pride in the durability of their products, using only the finest raw materials to ensure lasting quality.

Valium Antenex Buy Online Australia


The CC Competition boxing gloves are only sold in blue and red, providing few choices. As for the color distribution, it varies depending on what part of the glove you’re looking at. For example, on the blue pair, the trimming is lighter than on other parts of the glove. This might bother some, but I personally enjoy the contrast. That being said, it’s only a minor difference. Aside from the trimmings and the top part of the glove, the rest is dark black leather, which allows the blue to really pop. On the thumb is a white insignia with an outline of Thailand and a caption reading, “Hand Made in Thailand” and beneath that, “Premium Quality.” The strap also reminds the customer of the quality and origin of these gloves as it features a similar insignia and a Combat Corner in gold stitching. In short, aside from a few distinguishing features, these gloves have a pleasantly simple appearance.


They’re made from 100% cowhide leather and multi-layered foams. The toughness of the leather makes them highly resistant to scratches and other kinds of superficial damage. As for the foam inserts, they are extremely durable and excellent at absorbing tough blows. You’ll typically want to avoid using competition gloves for bag-work as this particular activity tends to cause the greatest amount of wear and tear. But the combination of cowhide leather and multi-layered foam inserts makes them tougher and better suited for bag work than your usual pair of competition gloves.

Buy Msj Valium Uk


Both the grip bar and outside padding on these are accentuated, even more so than on some 12 and 14oz gloves. This provides greater protection while punching and in situations where you’re forced to take kicks on the gloves. This makes sense considering they were designed with competition in mind, where the risk of injury is always heightened. So in terms of protection, these gloves score high. Another thing I noticed is that its Velcro surface extends under the wrist, providing a tighter fit. This feature makes these gloves accessible to people with varying wrist sizes. One drawback is that it tends to leave a lot of exposed Velcro, and since Velcro is a very coarse material, this can cause your opponent or training partner rug-burn when clinch fighting.


Initially, these gloves were extremely tight and provided little to no wiggle room. This made it harder to open and close my hands while wearing them, making the following tasks more difficult: closing your fists at the end of punches, spreading your hands when throwing elbows, navigating the clinch, and lastly, catching and parrying kicks. All of these require the ability to open and close your hands with ease. Thus, the initial tightness of the gloves was an inconvenience. That being said, this became less of a problem with time and continued use. Eventually, the foam inserts began to soften, the leather stretched a bit, and the gloves themselves gained a looser and more comfortable feel. In other words, the comfortability of these gloves really depends on how often they’re used.


Combat Corner’s 10oz competition gloves were clearly designed with efficiency in mind. The materials used to construct these gloves are incredibly durable, providing lasting quality and continued protection over time. The only drawback to this is that they’re initially very stiff, and, in comparison to other gloves, take longer to break in. But after a few months of consistent use, maximum comfort is added to their overall quality.

Indian Valium Online, Order Generic Valium Online

About the Author
A podcast dedicated to the sports of Muay Thai & Kickboxing.

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