Fabio Pinca thinks Liam Harrison never wanted to fight him in the past in France

Fabio Pinca predicts a decision win over Liam Harrison later today when they headline Yokkao 19 at the Bolton Macron Stadium in the UK. The two Muay Thai legends were supposed to fight one another over the last decade but proposed fights fell through for one reason or the other.

However, Pinca suggested that the delay for him and Harrison finally fighting was due to ‘The Hitman’ not wanting to fight him in France; and that various promoters had offered Harrison the financial incentives to do so.

When asked by Anoop Hothi for his prediction, Pinca believes his game plan for dealing with Harrison will deliver him a decision victory at Yokkao 19 which, will then set-up a future rematch in France between the two legends (agreed in-principle by both fighters at the post weigh-in press conference).

Watch the pre-fight interview interview (below), of, Fabio Pinca with K1ANOOP:


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