Episode 14 – Eric Haycraft

In this episode of The Striking Corner, Eric and Vinny speak with Eric Haycraft, owner of Real Fighters Gym in Louisville, Kentucky and one of the guys in charge of Talent Operations in North America for Glory Kickboxing. Eric Haycraft is widely recognized as one of the top Dutch Kickboxing coaches in the United States. He talks Dutch Kickboxing history, the growth of Glory, and the challenges Dutch Kickboxing and Muay Thai currently face in North America. This is a podcast chock full of great insight into what is currently going on in the fight game in the U.S.

Episode 13 – Timo Ruge of Muay Ties

In this episode of The Striking Corner, Vinny and Eric discuss the Muay Thai scene in Thailand with Timo Ruge of Muay Ties. Timo talks about how he got started in the world of Muay Thai journalism, the state of Muay Thai in Thailand, the stars of Muay Thai present and future, and the culture of Muay Thai in Thailand.

Episode 12 – Legacy Kickboxing Review & More!

In Episode 12 of The Striking Corner, Eric and Vinny review Legacy Kickboxing’s inaugural kickboxing event and talk about the commentary, the fights, Pat Barry, and much more. Eric feels that fighter intros should be over the top while Vinny just wants to guys to go in and fight already.

Episode 11 – New Years 2015

It has been over a year since our last Striking Corner episode and we have decided it’s time to bring the podcast back! We introduce Vinny Scotto of Staten Island Muay Thai in New York who will be Eric’s new sparring partner on The Striking Corner and we quickly discuss what is coming in 2015 and how to contact us. This is just a quick intro back to the podcast (testing some new equipment) before our first full new episode comes out during the week of January 19th!

Episode 10 – Gabriel Varga

In our 10th episode of the Striking Corner we speak with Glory fighter Gabriel Varga about his desire to get to the #1 lightweight spot in Glory, how he is the best kickboxer that continually flies under the radar, and we talk North American kickboxing’s rise to power!

Episode 9 – Jenypher Lanthier

In this episode of The Striking Corner we speak with Jenypher Lanthier of York Muay Thai in Toronto, Canada. We discuss the success of Canadian Muay Thai as of late, women in Muay Thai, and I give you all the info you need to participate in the “50 Kicks” for Khem fundraiser. Don’t miss it!