Episode 37 – Emilio Sparks of The Wrassle Rap Podcast

In this podcast Vinny & Eric are joined by DJ, producer, podcaster, internet personality and now student at Vinny’s Staten Island Muay Thai gym, Emilio Sparks. Emilio is the host of two successful podcasts: Wrassle Rap (Top 20 on iTunes) and The Emilio Sparks Experience. He also works for Eminem’s exclusive Hip Hop station, Shade 45 on Sirius XM. In this podcast Vinny, Eric, and Emilio discuss the problem with the unnecessary number of “rule sets” for Muay Thai and Kickboxing in the U.S., whether or not the tradition of respect and honor in martial arts is dying out, Vinny goes off on MMA as usual, and we discuss the UFC becoming more like the WWE. This podcast is definitely a mixed bag of chaos and we had a lot of fun doing it. Enjoy!

Episode 36 – Cheaters, Narcos, & Fight Talk

In this episode of The Striking Corner, Vinny and Eric discuss Vinny’s upcoming vacation to the paradise island of Bermuda and why he has no interest in anything Muay Thai for 5 days. Vinny continues to disagree with the fact that Eric refuses to watch Narcos on Netflix. Eric gives a little background on his experience growing up in Colombia during the Pablo Escobar era…and because we are of course a podcast about Muay Thai and Kickboxing, we talk Bellator Kickboxing’s recent event in Budapest, Lion Fight’s upcoming show, Muay Thai in the U.S. and fighters who lie about their record to fight amateurs. Enjoy!

Episode 35 – We’re Back…Again

In this episode Eric and Vinny discuss the reasons for our recent TSC hiatus and Vinny point the finger at Eric simply being lazy. With that said we have a couple of new announcements about our gyms in Florida and New York, updates in our personal lives and we touch on the most recent Lion Fight and Glory Kickboxing events. Just a short podcast to let you know we are back!

Episode 33 – Lion Fight 28, Glory 27 & More!

In this episode of The Striking Corner, Eric & Vinny discuss Lion Fight 28 and Glory 27. The aftermath and recap of each event and of course the controversy surrounding the SImon Marcus vs. Artem Levin main event. Besides that we get into the growth of Lion Fight, our opinions on Glory, Bellator Kickboxing, and what to do when a wannabe badass walks into your gym wanting to only spar. Enjoy!

Episode 27 – We’re Back!

The Striking Corner is back! It’s been over 4 months since we had our last episode because of some circumstances beyond our control. But we are back better then ever with a new sound and a lot more surprises in store for 2016. We thank you for your support and we hope to have your continued support as we make 2016 our best year yet! In this episode we discuss some of the setbacks we had in the last 4 months, some of our plans for 2016, Vinny discusses the growth of his gym, and we discuss Lion Fight’s success and Glory’s move to ESPN. Also we announce our new Fan Questions telephone line and segment. Check it out!

Episode 17 – Lion Fight 21 Review & More!

Vinny and Eric discuss the aftermath of Lion Fight 21 and the amazing Victor Saravia vs Sam Poulton fight. Eric forgot Vinny’s birthday, Vinny calls Eric an asshole on air and they also discuss the Muay Thai scene in Eric’s native Florida and why it hasn’t been able to take off in the sunshine state.