Episode 64 – Dr. Jason Park & Dr. Hiro Perera

In this episode of The Striking Corner podcast, Eric & Vinny speak with physical therapists, coaches, and former fighters, Dr. Jason Park and Dr. Hiro Perera. The group discusses the misconceptions of physical therapy, why it’s important to fighters, and a new endeavor both Dr. Park and Dr. Herera are embarking on, where they seek to educate fighters and coaches about the finer points of injury prevention and mobility for Muay Thai, Kickboxing, and MMA. Eric and Vinny also discuss Keto, why Stevia tastes horrible, and newborn babies. Check it out!

Episode 63 – Jay Campbell

In this episode of The Striking Corner, Eric and Vinny sit down with Staten Island Muay Thai’s Keto Master and Strength & Conditioning coach, John “Jay” Campbell. Eric talks about being in the home stretch of his wife giving birth to their second son, Vinny posts a picture of Eric’s stupid face on the internet, and Jay discusses the benefits of the Keto Diet. Eric and Vinny commit to getting on Jay’s Diet Plan and will report back in a few weeks to discuss their TRIUMPHS or failures…

Episode 62 – Dan LaSavage

In this episode of The Striking Corner podcast, Eric & Vinny speak with Dan LaSavage. Dan is a former professional Muay Thai and MMA fighter who now owns Combat Corner, a successful combat sports equipment brand. We discuss his career in martial arts, what drove him to start his own brand, the growth of combat sports in America, and why he believes YOU should stop worrying about how many ounces your gloves weigh. Listen and enjoy!

Episode 61 – Hurricanes, Thugs, & GGG vs. Canelo

In this episode, Eric and Vinny discuss Eric’s evacuation from Florida for Hurricane Irma, the recent controversy surrounding Yokkao, Eric rants about the Canelo vs. GGG decision, corruption in boxing, politics in fight sports, and more. Eric had fun with this one and talked a lot more than usual if that’s possible. You be the judge!

Episode 56 – McDojo’s, Not Making Weight, & Cardio Kickboxing

In this episode of The Striking Corner, Vinny and Eric chat about Eric’s first week back in training, amateur fighters not making weight and how to deal with it, the TBA Muay Thai Expo, McDojo’s teaching Cardio Kickboxing and calling it Muay Thai, and much more! We also talk new gear you should look out for and more additions to The Striking Corner shop.

Episode 54 – Dr. Hiro Perera

In this episode of The Striking Corner Podcast, Eric & Vinny sit down with Muay Thai Fighter, Trainer, and Physical Therapist, Dr. Hiro Perera. We discuss common injuries in Muay Thai as opposed to other sports, injury prevention, treatment, as well as when it is time to contact a medical professional. We also discuss how to warm up properly and whether or not the way many Muay Thai gyms across the country warm up before and after a class is truly correct.