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Muay Thai is Life presents Muay Talk: Interviews with Muay Thai’s champions! This episode: Alex Berrios!

Here at Muay Thai is Life, we are always looking for ways to bring you closer to some of the top fighters in the U.S. Muay Thai scene as well as some of your favorite fighters from around the world. Sometimes we can’t always interview fighters face to face, so we have attempted in the past to send them a series of questions and have them respond when they find time. This time we were inspired by our friends at Muaythai Radio and the Muaythai Preservation Project, so we decided to conduct phone interviews in order for us to grant people more access to their favorite fighters. In this first episode of the series we interview Tampa Muay Thai’s Alex Berrios who faces off with Canada’s Joseph Valtellini at Friday Night Fight’s on Friday Sept. 23rd in NYC.

This is going to be one heck of a fight between two of the sport’s upcoming prospects! So if you are in NYC or anywhere near NYC make sure to check out this event as it contains a stacked card of fights. For more info and tickets check out Friday Night Fights official website.

For more Muay Thai news and all information about Friday Night Fights upcoming September 23rd card, stay tuned here at Muay Thai is Life! Also make sure to like our official Facebook page and/or follow us on Twitter.

Rami Ibrahim discusses his win over Philippe Allaire Landreville – MTL Exclusive Video

Rami Ibrahim just defended his WKA 132 lb. North American Title for the 4th time this weekend. The Philadelphia based Muay Thai fighter has recently been quoted as saying he feels he is ready, at this point in his career, to take on some bigger names in the 132 lbs weight class. During his fight versus Philippe Allaire Landreville, Ibrahim showcased that he is no stranger to fighting using traditional Thai technique as opposed to his sometimes more Dutch kickboxing & boxing centric style. Landreville came in with a lot more experience than Ibrahim but Ibrahim came out on top, once again using his crisp boxing in what was a technical and exciting fight at Take On Productions “September Showdown” in NYC this past weekend (Sept. 9th, 2011).

Muay Thai is Life’s Eric Rivera caught up with Ibrahim after the fight to get his take on what took place in the ring and what’s next for him. Check the video below! And for the best in Muay Thai news, media, and more, be sure to check back here at Muay Thai is Life. Also be sure to like our Official Facebook Page and follow us on Twitter!

Part 2 of Galen Okazaki’s MPL “Stars and Stripes” pictorial – Simon Marcus & Nathan Corbett

Part 2 of Galen Okazaki’s pictorial of the Muay Thai Premier Leagues inaugural event at the Walter Pyramid in Long Beach, California on Sept. 2nd, 2011. This set features shots from the match ups between Simon Marcus and Artem Vakhitov and Nathan Corbett and Tomas Hron.


Pictures by Muay Thai is Life’s Galen Okazaki of Muaythai Premier League’s Stars & Stripes – Part 1

Muay Thai is Life’s photographer extraordinaire Galen Okazaki, made his way to the Walter Pyramid in Long Beach, California this past weekend to capture what was without a doubt the biggest Muay Thai event ever held on U.S. soil. With a stacked fight card featuring names such as Buakaw Por Pramuk, Artem Levin, Nathan “Carnage” Corbett, Julie Kitchen, and many more, the Muaythai Premiere League was a star studded affair that brought some of the best in the sport of Muay Thai to the U.S. Below you can see a few of the shots Galen caught during the Buakaw Por Pramuk vs Warren Stevelmans fight and the Julie Kitchen vs Martina Jindrova fight. Stay tuned for more pics from this great event!


Pictures from Battle in the Desert 3 by MTL’s Galen Okazaki – UPDATED

Muay Thai is Life’s photographer, Galen Okazaki is an artistic dude. He decided to shy away from taking the usual fight pictures and go for something with more soul, more grit, and more overall feeling. He decided to say, “Fight pictures with color? That’s been done to death!” and then proceeded to get some epic black & white shots of Lion Fight Promotions’ Battle in the Desert 3 this past Saturday, August 20th. One of his shots -an incredible shot of Joe Schilling knocking Brandon Banda into an altered level of consciousness- made photo of the week; not only on our website but also on the website of our friendly rivals at Muay Thai Authority. Here are some of his top pics from the event. I don’t know if these are all of them since Galen is a mysterious ninja-like character that keeps a lot of things secret from me, but either way they just reek of badassery and you would be a fool not to agree. Enjoy!

More Photos from M1 Grand Muay Thai Championships: Daniel Kim vs Carlos Ramirez & Coke Chunhawat vs Tetsuya Yamato

The following pictures are the final pictures taken of the pro bouts at this past weekend’s M1 Grand Muay Thai Championship in Los Angeles, California. Pictured are the bouts between Daniel Kim and Carlos Ramirez, as well as the bout between Coke Chunhawat and Tetsuya Yamato. All photos were taken by our very own Galen Okazaki. If you wish to see pictures of the Amateur fights of the night, Galen Okazaki will be posting them on his West Coast Muay Thai Facebook page soon. Be sure to like the page and show Galen your support for all he does to bring you images of the best Muay Thai action on the west coast!