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Family Business Vol. 1 by Jeff Dojillo

Can’t Stop Crazy is a clothing brand, website, and team put together by 7 of the top fighters in the U.S.: Joe Schilling, Kevin Ross, Chaz Mulkey, Tiffany Van Soest, Romie Adanza, Miriam Nakamoto, and Ky Hollenbeck. Their goal? Promote American Muay Thai and it’s fighters using their own unique and straight forward voice. No fear. No nonsense. A fighters brand, for fighters by fighters. Recently, the Can’t Stop Crazy family got together to train at CSA Gym in Dublin, California to help Kevin Ross and Joe Schilling prepare for their Lion Fight 11 and Glory 10 fights respectively. This is a look into that training session brought you by “Inside the Fight” creator and Can’t Stop Crazy photographer/videographer Jeff Dojillo. A behind the scenes look and interview with some of the best fighters in the U.S.

Episode 5 – Marcus Fisher

In Episode 5 of The Striking Corner we sit down with professional Muay Thai Fighter, Marcus Fisher before his WBC National title bout at Warriors Cup in New Jersey on Sept. 7th, 2013

Meet the Canadians – Part 3 – Simon Marcus

Simon training w/ Ajahn Suchart – by Jenypher Lanthier –

I am sitting ringside at Siam No.1 in Toronto, Canada. I sit close enough to feel the occasional drop of sweat whip towards me from a powerful swing kick or punch. Simon Marcus is hitting pads with Ajahn Suchart. The cracking sound that it makes is devastating, like thunderclaps as bones collide against leather with a force and willpower that is not often witnessed live in person. I have trained with Ajahn before, so I am aware of what it feels like to do only five rounds of what can best be described as me trying to hit as hard as I can continuously, while he resists my power with the pads. Each weapon thrown is a fight against his power. If you are not throwing with full power his resistance will make you feel like your weapon just bounces off his Thai pad. I watch as Simon destroyed the pads for five whole rounds and look like he still had energy for more after. This is just a small glimpse of what he must endure to be able to stay at the top and fight opponents such as Artem Levin. It is a mere fraction of the amount of dedication and focus required for him to be where he is. So that got me thinking, “Why? Why really go through all this?” So I asked him.

Without further ado, here is my interview with Simon “Bad Bwoy” Marcus.

Simon faces possibly one of his toughest challenges battling Artem Levin this Friday on the LionFight Promotion. We wish both fighters the best of luck and look forward to a great fight!

A special thank you goes out to Allen Chung for the photos and video and to Simon for taking the time out to sit with us and talk with us.

Photo & Video credits: Allen Chung

Episode 4 – Raising Awareness, The Love of Teaching Muay Thai, and more!

In Episode 4 of The Striking Corner, I tone it down to talk about raising awareness for a cause that is very personal to me and discuss how teaching Muay Thai can help improve your technique and invigorate your love for the sport of Muay Thai. I also give you all the info regarding huge upcoming Muay Thai event you NEED to check out! Questions of comments you can contact us at

Episode 3 – Sean “The Muay Thai Guy” Fagan

In this episode of The Striking Corner we sit down with up and coming fighter Sean Fagan who also runs, one of the biggest online Muay Thai communities on social media. Check out what he had to say about the growth of Muay Thai, his projects, Lion Fight Promotions recent event, and much more!

Episode 2 – TSC Mixes & Mash-Ups Volume 1 – Old School Hip Hop

A Striking Corner exclusive, our gift to you is this Old School Hip Hop mix made especially for The Striking Corner by iHeart Radio personality , DJ Xtreme for you to jam to while you are hitting the pads, sparring, or getting your roadwork in! Enjoy!